Staffing Agency Software for Warehouse Recruiters

WurkNow Team
WurkNow Team
April 18, 2023
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Warehouses are a pivotal link in the supply chain. Especially as ecommerce sales now total over $1 trillion annually, warehouse workers are more crucial than ever. However, warehouse staffing comes with huge burdens, as it has high churn rates and constantly requires new workers.

Warehouse staffing agencies face many concerns when keeping the operations of their clients running smoothly. Not only are they responsible for recruiting talent for warehouse positions, but they also handle timekeeping, onboarding and payroll.

For this reason, staffing agency software was developed so warehouse staffing agencies can operate more efficiently, serve clients better, and comply with all labor laws.

What Is Staffing Agency Software?

Staffing agency software includes many features:

Talent Acquisition

If there’s one task that staffing agencies must do well, it’s recruiting qualified workers — and finding them fast. For this reason, any staffing agency software worth its salt must have applicant tracking software (ATS).

ATS is crucial for discovering suitable candidates and managing job seeker applications quickly so they don’t fall through the cracks. In addition, ATS includes intelligent candidate matching that speeds up the process by prioritizing the best candidates for warehouse jobs.

Talent Onboarding

Onboarding is a necessary but burdensome part of the staffing process. However, the best staffing agency software reduces the thick stacks of paperwork, streamlines the process and centralizes documentation and communications.

The best onboarding applications offer mobile capabilities with specific profiles dedicated to employees and managers. As a result, staffing agencies can take on more clients and better serve existing ones. Meanwhile, new hires experience a process that meets their needs with more urgency and care.


Timekeeping is a highly regulated part of doing business. Because tracking hours with a universal time clock is essential to avoiding discrepancies and ensuring that overtime and breaks are always accounted for even when temps work for multiple employers in the same week.

Additionally, staffing agency software allows employers to automate employee schedules, manage timesheets in real time, and easily adjust to client-specific policies. These features are especially critical for warehouse staff, as many are paid hourly and have adjustable rates based on overtime and seasonal work.

Payroll Automation

Incorrect invoices create hassles for everyone. Payroll consists of many steps and small details, increasing the possibility of error. However, staffing agency software completely automates the payroll process. With it, managers can initiate and complete payroll in seconds.

Staffing agency software also consolidates timecards for employees working a handful of jobs within a single pay period.

Job Order Management

Managing employees that work across various agencies can cause unnecessary confusion. However, the job order management function of staffing agency software eliminates the pain of tracking multi-agency employees. Once set in place, job orders and timesheets are handled in real-time, allowing managers direct visual insights into warehouse worker attendance and hours.

HR File Management

Keeping records for every employee can be a cluttered process, even with digital storage methods. Therefore, the best way to stay organized is to use staffing agency software that tracks and centralizes employee information.

Now you can track and file assets with a single, secure digital record hub. Keeping information in one area is the only way to hold records accurately. It also decreases the risk of security breaches and saves a lot of time.

All in all, warehouse staffing agencies are responsible for the upkeep of an incredibly chaotic and shifting labor market. Such responsibility means staffing agencies need the best software to help them automate critical tasks so your clients remain staffed, efficient and profitable.

WurkNow Staffing Agency Software

If you want to set up your agency for success, consider WurkNow staffing agency software for automating and improving everything from scheduling to onboarding to timekeeping – see it for yourself with a free demo.

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