Universal Time Clock Solutions That Solve Light Industrial Staffing Challenges

WurkNow Team
WurkNow Team
February 28, 2023

Staffing challenges among light industrial manufacturers, distributors and 3PLs aren’t new, but that doesn’t mean your staffing solutions shouldn’t be.

Innovative automation tools aren’t just bells and whistles in this environment. Whether you are a light industrial employer trying to manage multiple staffing suppliers or you are a staffing agency trying to help your light industrial clients manage their workforce more efficiently, a timekeeping system that puts all of your staffing details in one place is a solution you can rely on for round-the-clock savings in time, money and peace of mind.

Universal time clock capabilities provide benefits you can leverage for advantages that go beyond payroll accuracy. From productivity gains to decreased risk of compliance violations, real-time insight into your staffing levels is an edge you can use to track, manage and improve your workforce practices.

What Is a Universal Time Clock?

A universal time clock is a single, consolidated system for workforce management. For staffing agencies, it provides at-a-glance, real-time data into all of your clients. For businesses, it’s a way to manage your staffing and ensure maximum productivity and efficiency no matter how many staffing agencies you use to source workers. Key features include:

  • Visibility into multiagency or multiclient employees
  • Real-time work hour tracking
  • Automated biometric login
  • Accurate integrated timekeeping aligned with shift scheduling
  • Automated no-show notifications
  • Consolidated time-tracking for workers employed by multiple clients
  • Overtime compliance tracking
  • Client-specific policy capability
  • Streamlined reporting

WurkNow Universal Time Clock & Timekeeping Software

At WurkNow, we have developed a high-performance universal time clock system that simplifies the process of tracking and managing employee hours in a way that is both accurate and cost-effective.

By integrating with existing payroll systems, our universal time clock enables employers to keep track of all employee attendance, wages, overtime, and legal compliance requirements, ​​whether they are working with one agency or multiple agencies.

To see all the ways that our timekeeping software can help your company operate more efficiently, schedule a demo and learn more about how WurkNow automation takes the work – and the guesswork – out of workforce management.

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