Why You Need a Mobile App for New Employee Onboarding

WurkNow Team
WurkNow Team
March 14, 2023
New employees onboarding on mobile app

Onboarding is a period of new beginnings. For staffing agencies, however, bringing on a new hire often entails a long, bureaucratic backlog instead of a seamless process of learning and inspiration. Thankfully, emerging technology eliminates the daily excess, confusion and difficulty that staffing agencies face.

Mobile onboarding apps help staffing agencies streamline what can normally be a time-consuming process. An effective mobile onboarding app includes many helpful features that improve record-keeping, communication, accuracy, and information exchange.

Reduce New Employee Onboarding Headaches

Anyone involved in the onboarding process knows how much time can be wasted. Staffing agencies, in particular, know that outdated and scattered processes reduce the quality and speed it takes to situate new hires into their jobs.

Mobile app onboarding is changing this by harnessing digital talent acquisition technology to bring every vital element into one shared space for app users. As a result, the onboarding process becomes much simpler and leads to higher employee satisfaction rates. Overall, the improved day-to-day workflow increases the hiring speed, allowing staffing agencies to take on more clients and scale their operations.

The Benefits of Using a Mobile Onboarding App

Transitioning from traditional, manual approaches to a mobile app carries numerous unique benefits for onboarding. Everything is tailored with efficiency in mind, including how the candidates are vetted, connected and initiated.

Below are a handful of immediate and long-term benefits that staffing agencies receive by switching to an app-based employee onboarding program.

Clear Communication

Communication is crucial in how quickly an organization brings a new employee on board.

Mobile apps remove lapses in communication, meaning no more juggling between phone calls, emails and texts. In turn, staffing agencies eliminate the worry of missed communications because all notifications and conversations are set up directly on the app. This makes for a highly effective onboarding process and increased productivity.

Send Digital Onboarding Materials

If there’s one image associated with onboarding, it’s a mountain of folders, binders and paperwork. Going paperless is an inevitable step for any business, and mobile onboarding apps allow staffing agencies to send digital onboarding documents to candidates securely and quickly.

The right automated solution stores all the app’s critical resources, including tax information, medical paperwork, and training materials for existing users. Not only does this increase data security, but it also reduces the risk of paperwork getting lost or forgotten.

Where once it took days or weeks to transfer paperwork, the mobile onboarding flow boils down to minutes.


Mobile apps eliminate the need to meet in person. Agencies can share essential information, conduct meetings, and situate clients, all via digital methods. Such newfound freedom supplies agencies with more time to focus on bringing on new clients and guaranteeing that existing clients get the treatment they deserve.

Speed to Hire

Do away with the laborious, manual process of new employee onboarding. With a mobile onboarding app, agencies experience improved communication, seamless document sharing, and increased flexibility to complete the process from any location. As a result, agencies can speed up their hiring process and assign jobs to candidates on time.

Positive Candidate Experience

Creating an onboarding experience with the candidate in mind positively impacts the overall process. Agencies are more likely to increase their user retention rates if candidates start on the best possible footing. Reducing stress and increasing comfort should be the goal in getting new hires.

Mobile onboarding apps enable candidates to get through the process at the speed and comfort they require. With these apps, candidates can easily access the information and tools necessary to succeed.

More satisfied candidates mean more satisfied clients. Staffing agencies will grow their reputation as empowering rather than limiting their candidates.

Cost Savings

Transitioning to a mobile onboarding process is a fantastic avenue for saving time and money. Through mobile apps, agencies can save money on labor costs by eliminating manual onboarding processes that cut staff productivity. Staffing agencies can also take on more clients by speeding up the hiring process and reduce overhead by eliminating dependence on paper products.

Streamline Onboarding with the WurkNow Mobile App

Whether you need help with the day-to-day routines or for an influx of seasonal workers, choose a mobile onboarding app that gives your agency a better experience. The sooner you find the right mobile onboarding app, the sooner you can help your clients with greater speed, efficiency and quality.

WurkNow’s mobile onboarding app delivers best-in-class technology that innovates the onboarding process. It includes everything from central, in-app communication to streamlined document and video sharing. Save time, money and headaches with WurkNow’s dynamic solution. Contact one of our onboarding experts today to get a demo.

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