WurkNow Announces Series A Funding Round

Next Generation Staffing and Workforce Management Platform Provider Secures $10M to Accelerate Product Development, Growth and Market Presence


Next Generation Staffing & Workforce Management Platform

Power of choice - take advantage of the full power of our fully-integrated end to end platform or add rocket fuel 🚀 to your current tech stack with WurkNow's modular options

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One digital experience for all.

Seamlessly integrate people and tech by combining the entire employment process into a single, modern, and intuitive digital experience with our advanced, data-driven approach.


Talent Sourcing & Pooling


Talent Onboarding, Engagement & Deployment


Pay & Bill

Human resources

Compliance, Roles & Documents


Talent Scheduling, Labor & Compliance Management


Job Order & Timekeeping Management


We use Artificial Intelligence and our next generation mobile apps to source, pool, and engage the right talent so your recruitment team can attain 100% Job Fill Rates.

Candidate Mobile / Web App

Attract applicants to jobs with an easy and attractive mobile app using Videos & Social media.

Job Posting Integration

Easily post jobs over multiple channels and media.

Create Talent Pooling

Automatically tag and pool applicants by skills, rating, geolocation, etc.

Resume Building & Parsing

Automatically build or parse resumes from candidate profiles for client review.

Requisition Intelligent Matching

Automatically match and aggregate applicants into predefined job types and profiles using Artificial Intelligence.

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Powered by the WurkNow mobile app, staffing agencies can source, onboard, and get their candidates to work faster than ever before. Our deployment platform can be tuned to provide the right level of touch to your candidates and clients throughout your collective journey.

Mobile Onboarding

Discover our bilingual, mobile-centric application and significantly reduce recruitment costs.

Assignment Automation

Automate the entire workflow from job offer to acceptance.

Client Management

Check out our client relationship management solution with built-in markup and billing tools.

Job Order & Intelligent Matching

Instantly match job orders to a candidate’s skill sets and work experience.

Video Content Embedded in Mobile App

Provide job-specific training, safety orientation, directions, etc.

Seamless Communication

Communicate with clients and employees via InApp Messaging, Text, Email & Phone.

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We simplify payroll for the agency, employer, and hourly workers by providing seamless data transfer and reconciliation within a single system. The result is a faster, more accurate payroll and billing.

Process payroll with just one click.

Flexible pay schedules to meet client needs.

Configurable Pay Schedules

Flexible pay schedules to meet client needs.

Audit Trail

A complete tracking of edits, changes, and updates done by users.

Dashboards by Role

Enhance the user experience with role-based Dashboards.

Tax Calculation & Management

Perform multi-state tax calculations with ease.

Tax Filing

Generate Federal and State tax forms.


Ensure checks and balances by customizing user access and role.


Seamlessly integrate with third-party timekeeping, VMS, and HR systems.

Garnishment Management

Easily create and manage garnishments.

Multiple EIN

Process payroll for multiple employers and EINs.

Client Billing Templates

Easily create billing templates based on Client Profiles.

One Click Billing Processing

Create billing with a simple click.

Custom Invoicing Formats

Create custom formats per client needs.

GL Integration

Easily integrate with most Accounting systems.


Easily run reports for auditing, compliance & reconciliation purposes.

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Human resources

We securely store and manage important documents from drug testing, certificates, background checks, injuries, legal information, and benefits to performance reviews and terminations, making it easy for you to add documents as new regulatory changes arise.

Employee Profile Sync & Management

A centralized hub for all employee information.

Compliance & Audit Management

Ensure costs and litigation exposures are limited.


Manage user access to confidential and relevant information.

Document Management

Rely on a profile-driven centralized document management system.

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We provide timely, error-free time tracking and automated employee scheduling based on easily configurable compliance policies. Approve time cards in collaboration with your clients and receive accurate time card data to pay and bill correctly.

Consolidated Timecards

Ensure employees are paid correctly when working with multiple clients during the same pay period.

Intelligent Reporting

Create report templates once and deploy accross multiple clients

Wage & Labor Law Rule Templates

Ensure compliance to wage laws accross all states by creating company wide templates

Data Visualization | Open API

Take advantage of our Open API architecture by utilizing tools such as Power Bi and Tableau.

One Click Time Card Processing

Give access to internal staff and clients to approve timecards with one click.

Shifts & Schedules

Manage employee shifts, schedules, breaks, time off, and more.

Client Workforce Dashboards

Designed for complete transparency and real time collaboration with your clients

Time Clock

Next Generation Mobile, Web & Physical Time Clocks for all industries and environments.

One Time Registration

Enroll a candidate only ONCE and deploy to multiple clients and/or locations.

Clock App

Use geolocation, geofencing and pin drop for efficient employee management.

Supervisor App

Allow smaller teams to clock in & out via a mobile app if a physical clock cannot be installed.

Compliance App

View Real time Wage & Hour violations and take immediate action.

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Universal Job Order & Timekeeping Management

If you're a staffing agency offering your clients an MSP service or an employer engaging multiple staffing suppliers, our Universal JOTM provides a single platform and source of truth for consolidating workforce management activities in high-volume workspaces.

Multi-Supplier Order Routing & Management

A simple and real-time order management for clients, suppliers, and MSP providers.

Order Fulfillment Tracking & Management

Track multi-supplier job order fullfillment in real-time accross the entire MSP program.

Supplier Performance Reporting & Dashboards

Track performance metrics and data.

Secure & Unique Supplier Environment

Each supplier retains their own secure and confidential data.

Universal Timeclock Network

True Universal Timekeeping Management for multiple agency employees using only one timeclock.

Consolidated Reporting & Invoicing

Save time and resources by producing accurate and on time reporting.

Mobile App

The Supplier Up design allows agencies to fill job orders by sourcing, onboarding, and tracking employees specifically for the program.

Integration with ATS & VMS

Our Open API architecture allows seamless data transfer between external systems.

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Customer Testimonials
Lunch & Learn | Sep 2021
Customer Testimonials | Sep 2021

Why WurkNow?

Single sign on

Easily and safely access all modules with a single sign on.


Open API, Easily integrate with any external system using our Open API.

Real time compliance

Realtime, centralized reporting of wage and labor complaince monitoring and alert.

Rapid implementation

Implement in days, not weeks!

World class customer service

An industry-leading 25 minutes or less customer service average response time.

Trust & transparency

Complete trust and transparency of role-based information sharing between an employee, client and employer.

Employee Engagement Hub

Communicate and build relationships with employee during the entire journey from applicant, candidate to employee.

Private Label

  • Stand out & differentiate your brand through WurkNow's private label solutions
  • Attract & retain more candidates while keeping your brand top of mind and in the palm of their hands on your own Private labeled Worker App
  • Differentiate your offering from the competition and win more business
  • Expand your breadth of service and stickiness with your customers


  • Staffing - Temporary & Direct Hire
  • Marketing / Creative
  • Packaging
  • Manufacturing
  • Events / Hospitality
  • Life Sciences
  • Logistics
  • Security
  • Retail