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"With WurkNow, we are able to put everything together and have a viewpoint of where everything is at, be able to streamline the process, complete our payroll more efficiently, and our recruiters can just focus on filling the positions."

Bianca Cordero
Operations Manager of Horizon Personnel Services

"WurkNow was the first company that really was able to come to us and say, 'We can customize our platform to fit your needs.'"

Patrick Henderson
President and CEO of SASR Workforce Solutions

"WurkNow is the best! The team at WurkNow has been great to work with. Any time we have a question the make themselves available to answer our question or show us new features. The recruiting and job posting features are excellent. It is easy to see what stage a candidate is in and it is very easy to post of job opening."

Travis P.
President of Staffing & Recruiting Firm

"We have seen overall efficiencies in our time keeping process and reduction in payroll errors due to data-entry error since adopting WurkNow. We have more locations rolling over each week. The team's responses to our concerns and the product's continued development means that we're working with a better product each day we use it - and that's awesome."

Kris S.
Director of Operations of Staffing & Recruiting Firm

"The ease of access to real people has to be the best part of this platform. You're not talking to robots that are giving you a runaround. You have a problem and this system has button to help you. Adding that running reports has been the easiest task on this platform."

Angel E.
CFO of Accounting Firm

"WurkNow has allowed us to implement solutions for our client that have made its labor force more efficient, cost-effective, and result driven."

Lorenzo H.
Director of West Coast Operations of Staffing & Recruiting Firm

"From an MSP standpoint, the ability to track data to identify order fulfillment is a great tool for my operations. The most impactful feature is the data tracking. Desired features and customization is an option which is a great way to develop the system to work for your needs. The product is user friendly and easy to navigate."

Belinda G.
IE Regional Manager of Staffing & Recruiting Firm

"With WurkNow, we are able to develop new and useful reports to fit our client's needs. WurkNow is very user-friendly and intuitive and needs minimal training for new users."

Anthony Q.
Director of East Coast Operations of Staffing & Recruiting Firm

"This software is very easy to use as it allows the company to customize how the employees clock in, either through a biometric clock, a mobile app or web browser. This system has great alerts that help us take care of payroll issues on a daily basis without having to search through hours of data. Additionally, the report customization has saved the company many hours of manual work. I would definitely recommend."

Hazar D.
System Analyst of Staffing & Recruiting Firm

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