7 Steps for Successful Deployment of Seasonal Workers

WurkNow Team
WurkNow Team
September 5, 2022
Seasonal Workers

Whether a business is seeking to bulk up its staff for a flood of summer tourists or a surge of holiday shoppers, many outlets deeply depend on seasonal work. Seasonal workers are often a perfect solution for meeting predictable spikes in sales forecasts. However, staffing agencies often bear the brunt of trying to successfully recruit and deploy seasonal employees.

A smooth process for seasonal worker deployment is the lifeblood of many businesses. However, to succeed, staffing agencies must be alert to the best practices to help clients and employees receive the most from their working relationships.

The holidays are right around the corner. Keep reading to learn how to succeed in deploying seasonal workers.

How to Set Customers Up for Success with Seasonal Workers

Ensuring your clients’ success during the year’s busier seasonal periods begins with your staffing service. To keep up with the changing landscape and continue providing peak value to your employer customers during this holiday season, there are a handful of best practices you can implement right now.

1. Get Labor Plans

Building a sense of what’s to come is vital to guiding a business through the chaos of seasonal labor — no crystal ball is required. To accomplish this, request and review customer labor plans. Closely analyzing these plans helps you forecast overall headcounts.

Once you understand the expectations, you’ll have a clearer idea of future demand. In the long run, thoroughly understanding labor plans helps save time, confusion, money, and headaches.

2. Estimate Deployment Length

Another vital factor to success is figuring out the average employee deployment length. You won’t likely be given exact time frames, but estimating how long temporary workers will be on the assignment is key to maintaining a smooth process.

For example, with students, keep school calendars in mind so you can make a reasonable attempt to predict the flow of available workers. Creating a habit of these estimations is a great way to reduce the likelihood of running into staffing shortages.

3. Review the Retiree Pool

Retirees make up a large part of the seasonal worker population. However, staffing agencies must confirm whether the retiree pool is acceptable to clients before setting up a contract. Staffing services should never make assumptions concerning the retiree pool, which is why reviewing and approving this beforehand is wise.

4. Clean Up Your Job Posting

Putting together a high-performing job post takes work. When creating a job post, there are many techniques you can use to entice potential workers. You should start by ensuring the title is comprehensible for anyone who’s quickly scrolling through a long list of entries.

Additionally, make sure there is no unnecessary clutter. Every line should be specific and digestible at a glance. Digestibility also applies to the post’s formatting; it should read well on both desktop computers and mobile screens.

Lastly, add target keywords throughout the posting. A savvy keyword strategy boosts the post’s visibility on job sites and increases the likelihood of engagement.

5. Examine the Perks

Always confirm and highlight any perks in the job description, whether they be earned wage access, assignment completion bonuses, or anything else. Perks are a massive draw for seasonal workers; underscoring them up front and in bold lettering often helps draw in more applicants.

6. Find Your Workers

There’s no such thing as a staffless staffing agency. Keeping records of previous assignments and past contact lists is a great way to maintain a strong network of potential workers.

On top of keeping contact info for previous hires, you must also make sure to bring in new members. There are many ways to do this. For example, you can attend job fairs or send drip email campaigns to your database.

7. Use Effective Timekeeping Software & Staff Scheduling Software

Waiting on responses or tracking down contact info due to disorganization is an enormous waste of time. Staffing services should use a centralized management hub to avoid this. A quality management system reduces the otherwise lengthy process of maintaining multiple communication streams throughout the onboarding and deployment process for seasonal workers.

Quality staff scheduling software is critical to streamlining responses when you’re communicating with workers and clients. As a result, it can significantly increase productivity and, in turn, boost earnings.

WurkNow Innovative Scheduling & Timekeeping Software

WurkNow’s staff scheduling and timekeeping software is a revolutionary solution. The software improves internal performance from a recruiter standpoint, leading to greater cohesiveness. Everything is managed on one digital platform, allowing administrators to automate many key functions. In turn, this leads to a faster onboarding process and the option for scalability.

Interested in improving your seasonal staffing process with time tracking tools? Visit WurkNow to purchase or learn more about its staff scheduling and timekeeping software.

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