Employee wellness is an essential part of organizational success, which is why more than 75% of employers offer wellness programs to their workers. Wellness programs can range from gym memberships, healthier meals, incentivized fitness competitions, and even on-site biometric screenings. These popular benefits not only improve an employee’s life but their productivity as well.

According to multiple studies, industrial workers are less likely to participate in employee wellness programs and they are more prone to experience health issues brought on by tobacco use, obesity, heart disease, and stress. Creating wellness programs for blue-collar workers greatly benefits them by reducing absenteeism, increasing productivity, and improving injury rates. So, how can you start prioritizing employee wellness this 2020? Here are 5 key points to remember on your checklist:

Task 1: Champion Wellness Wednesday

For any employee, especially hourly workers, time is essential. Enforcing wellness activities that take up a majority of their time will most likely not be received with open arms. To ensure early adoption, you may want to start off small and dedicate one day to promote employee wellness among your workforce. Wellness Wednesdays are very popular among other industries and there are even simple challenges that make being healthy, fun.

We understand that time is essential to reach production goals for the day. A wellness program that allows workers to accomplish small daily tasks throughout their day may ensure long term success for the program.

Task 2: Get Personal

To ensure maximum wellness participation, companies have to rely on employee feedback. In this instance, wellness programs are crafted with the employee in mind. To ensure acceptance and long term success for the program, you must carefully craft it to make sure everyone’s motivation is covered. What works best to motivate your workers?

Intrinsic Motivation

Educating them can be done by posting resources on the office bulletin board, getting a healthcare professional to talk about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, or even giving workers free access to programs on nutrition, exercise, and stress prevention.

Extrinsic Motivation

Extrinsic motivations are external factors such as rewards and promotions that can help motivate your employees to participate in programs. Although extrinsic motivators do not ensure long term participation like its intrinsic counterparts, they are very effective in jump-starting employee participation.

Task 3: Prioritize Teamwork

Employees like to feel appreciated and they want to be an integral part of their team. Creating activities that are centered around individual members reaching a common goal can be extremely beneficial to your business. These activities remind your employees of the benefits of working together and the importance of joint action. Teamwork activities may range from sporting competitions like basketball or football, family-style lunches, or even annual company picnics.

Task 4: Provide Healthy Workplace Accommodations

Many wellness programs incorporate physical activities, but some make nutrition a last priority. Regardless, we must not forget that good nutrition plays a big part in overall health in the workplace.

Industrial workers have tasks that take a toll on their bodies such as lifting boxes and standing for long periods of time. Water is key to staying healthy and hydrated. To ensure they are staying hydrated, organizations should provide water stations throughout the workplace.

Most of these workers as well have limited lunch breaks so they would rather grab something from the vending machine or the nearest fast-food restaurant. These options are usually full of sugar and can cause a sugar crash effect. Feeling sleepy on the job, anyone? Stocking up on healthier snacks in the break room can help combat this. Giving workers the option of fruits and sugar-free snacks on-demand will help guarantee that they consume food that is good for their body and productivity.

Task 5: Encourage Taking Breaks

Allowing time for meals and rest breaks is a law in California and can result in hefty fines for organizations that do not comply. Besides, non-stop working can eventually cause damage to someone physically and mentally. With hundreds and thousands of employees, how can you ensure that each and every one of them is taking their break? It is important to utilize an employee time tracking system such as WurkNow’s Time & Labor Management Module that not only reminds your employees when they need to take their meal or rest break, but one that sends alerts to you as well before any violation occurs. This new technology guarantees a 30-minute lunch lockout which can motivate your employees to fully utilize their breaks.

Employee Wellness For All

Any responsible business owner regardless of the industry could benefit from investing in their employee’s health and wellness. According to a 2019 study, 87% of organizations are dedicated to implementing workplace wellness programs while 73% already offer these programs to their employees. A successful wellness program can build the employer brand and raise employee productivity, which means everybody wins.

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