Time Attendance and Labor Management is a crucial part of any agency. Though it is one of the most important facets of an organization, it also brings costly consequences if not done right. Hourly calculations based on faulty data, buddy punching, and misclassifications hurt not only the agency, but clients and employees as well. So, why are you still in the same slow and labor-intensive time tracking system? It’s time to say goodbye to outdated systems and embrace the world of possibilities new technology can offer. Introducing the Time and Labor Management Module from Wurk Now:

REDUCE EXPENSES with automated alerts

Avoid money pitfalls and resolve compliance issues in the moment. Empower your agency to receive and send automated alerts for breaks, meals, approaching overtime, and even license updates that are unique to your business.

Managers have many tasks to deal with and these things can get overlooked. For many agencies on a strict payroll budget, staying compliant is important to avoid overtime pay rates and hefty fines.

ELIMINATE ERRORS with accurate and immutable data

Compliance, compliance, COMPLIANCE. Say goodbye to costly errors and say hello to data everyone can rely on. The future of time and labor management is built on the blockchain, ensuring that every clock in and clock out is kept on a digital ledger that cannot be changed by anything or anyone.

Keeping accurate time and attendance records is critical in ensuring that your agency is in compliance with mandated laws. The Wurk Now Time and Labor Management Module is an accurate and secure system that captures immutable data to ensure that your employees are being paid error-free and fairly.

SAVE TIME with a centralized database

As a cloud-based application with temporary staffing in mind, the system allows the agency to keep records of employees and clients from multiple locations. When an agency has to monitor assignments at more than one location for multiple clients, it becomes tedious. Having a centralized database makes it easy to monitor multiple assignments and clients.

Save your managers time with consolidated time cards and the flexibility to set rules and parameters to manage an employees’ shift, schedules, breaks, time off, and more.

Do you want to learn more about the Wurk Now Time and Labor Management Module? You may get in touch with us at hello@wurknow.com.