WurkNow Announces Series A Funding Round

Next Generation Staffing and Workforce Management Platform Provider Secures $10M to Accelerate Product Development, Growth and Market Presence


With so much to do in the workday, managing your employees’ time and labor can interfere with other tasks you need to accomplish to fulfill your client’s job orders. Manual processes were not meant to minimize these building tasks and it often results in increased labor costs for your business. As your employees spend more time trying to accomplish lengthy tasks, your business fails to maximize your labor cost. Also, relying on manual processes and spreadsheets to manage an employee’s work hours is not only time-consuming, but it also puts your agency at risk.

At WurkNow, we blended over 60 years of staffing and technology experience to create a Time and Labor Management Module that was built specifically for staffing agencies because we understand that streamlined work processes are important for your day-to-day success. Our fully-integrated system does that and more. WurkNow utilizes cloud-based management, mobile clock-in, single sign-on technology, and consolidated payroll reporting that saves your employees time so they can accomplish tasks quicker. It’s less labor-intensive tasks and more time back in your day.

We’ve spent a great deal of time learning about the daily workforce management challenges our clients face and built cutting-edge technology that helps them speed through their day efficiently. Here are some of our client’s concerns:

Is WurkNow’s Time and Labor Management software easy to use?

Absolutely! Our software is a simple and easy-to-use system. As it is built on the cloud, there’s no development required to get you started. It has an intuitive user interface and automated time tracking system that helps you do more with just one click of a button.

How can WurkNow help with social distancing?

When the need for social distancing arose, WurkNow’s flexible software was able to adapt quickly to address our client’s needs. While some of the employees were sent to work from home, some had to continue reporting on site. Because our tech is built for the future of staffing, our mobile clock is able to ensure both sets of employees are able to enter their hours safely and accurately. Currently, WurkNow has two contactless mobile clock options:

  • WurkNow Employee Mobile App – Employees clock in/out using their mobile phones with our geofencing capabilities.
  • WurkNow Supervisor Mobile App – Supervisors can control time punches for multiple employees by utilizing a one-time clock in/out for a whole shift group.

I’m worried about the hour and wage compliance. Does your system have anything that helps with that?

For companies, every single minute counts. Unintended overtime pay and meal break violations can become quite costly. While using our system, you can set automated alerts that will inform you when a worker has failed to clock in/out, has not taken their meal break, or nearing overtime.

Am I going to benefit from your Single Sign-on capability?

Businesses, in general, can benefit from Single Sign-on technology. Not only does it reduce costs for your agency, but it increases productivity as well. For example, by using Single Sign-on, a client can utilize one login to manage WurkNow’s workforce management portfolio from recruiting, timekeeping, payroll, and compliance. No more costly third-party integrations!

My workers are employed by more than one client. Can your system calculate their hours accurately?

YES! WurkNow makes time card consolidation effortless and compliant. Whether enrolled workers are employed by one or multiple clients, their hours are automatically consolidated in our system and displayed on a dashboard for your convenience. Time cards may also be managed by the agency and client for easier collaboration.

How can you lower my costs?

There are many benefits to using workforce management solutions to help reduce costs for your agency. WurkNow’s Time and Labor Management module helps Staffing Agencies automate processes, accomplish more in their day, and save money with better management tools.

WurkNow’s all-in-one solution goes beyond the typical HCM software by providing you with a platform that is intuitive and scales with your business. Learn more about us by calling us directly at 866-987-5669.