Irvine, California – August, 2019 – True to its mission of empowering the blue-collar industry with the best in technology, WurkNow Inc. is pleased to announce its new partnership with Suprema, a global powerhouse in biometrics, security, and identity solutions with 1.5 million systems in operation worldwide.

Suprema provides an extensive range of time and attendance solutions featuring many of the latest technology including NIR facial recognition, fingerprint biometrics, built-in camera for face logs, dual-frequency RFID, WiFi and PoE. In addition, Suprema also provides sophisticated features including a “30-minute lunch lockout” functionality which disables employees from clocking-in outside of the assigned lunch period. In combination with Suprema’s expertise in physical security and superior engineering, WurkNow provides enhanced user experience with its Time and Labor Management module.

“Suprema America is very pleased and excited to partner with WurkNow. Suprema America is glad to provide the best of breed products in biometrics, access control and time and attendance to North American markets,” said Stephen G. Sardi, VP of Workforce Management at Suprema America, “the WurkNow application extends our product capabilities in ways that prove the flexibility and power of our BioStar 2 platform. The industry-knowledgeable and veteran team of WurkNow executives have impressive forward-thinking ideas, and Suprema America looks forward to WurkNow’s continued success.”

WurkNow, Inc. is constantly looking to empower their workforce management modules, especially with secure and trailblazing technology. As the influence of technology continues to rise for the blue-collar industry, it is our mission to ensure that staffing agencies and employees are empowered with a workforce management solution that creates a seamless and efficient work experience. In addition to being user-friendly, Suprema’s BioStar 2 platform also allows WurkNow to manage the time clocks remotely which means a faster and minimal need for maintenance.

“We are delighted to be the first and only workforce management solution to introduce Suprema to the staffing industry in North America,” WurkNow CEO Sammy Singh said, “this collaboration will propel the blue-collar industry to the future.”

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About Suprema

Suprema is a leading global provider of biometrics and security. By combining world renowned biometric algorithms with superior engineering, Suprema has introduced a number of technology initiatives and innovations to the security industry over the last couple of decades. Suprema’s extensive range of portfolio includes biometric access control systems, time & attendance solutions, fingerprint live scanners, mobile authentication solutions and embedded fingerprint modules. For more information visit .

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