The holidays are officially here! Homes are filled with family and friends. The turkey is crisping in the oven. The air is filled with the beginning of holiday cheer. Before we start the festivities, let us take a look at the technological innovations that have given staffing agencies a reason to be thankful not only these holidays but also for years to come.

Time Clocks and Geolocation

The first toast goes to a workforce technology that is helping staffing agencies get out of manual processes. The evolution of employee time clocks started moving from paper timesheets to digital time clocks, mobile clock in & out, and now GPS-enabled time clocks. Time tracking has now been made more secure and trustworthy with location tracking.

Due to the rise of the blue-collar workforce working in multiple warehouses, adding geolocations to time clocks are becoming more important. Geolocation allows businesses to process payroll accurately by ensuring that employees can only punch in at the right time, in the right place. Furthermore, this also builds accountability among employees. The mobile workforce can no longer log their times before they get to work or have someone else punch in for them. With the strengthening of accountability also comes trust.

Cloud-based Document Management

For any business, the document management process require many equipments, which also means big cost. Electronic processes often need computers, servers, and memory banks. While going the traditional route often calls for stationary, mountains of paper, printers, inks, and filing boxes. In turn, the biggest piece of the budget is often taken up trying to keep this process going.

Having a cloud-based document management system takes away most if not all of these physical solutions. This new system uses a business’ existing equipment, eliminating the need for multiple servers and complex systems. Not only that, the cloud-based system can also be accessed anytime, anywhere. All a staffing agency needs is an internet-enabled device that makes document sharing and collaboration with employees and clients a breeze.

The most important aspect of cloud-based DMS is how it makes staying in compliance much easier and secure. For industries especially in staffing, strict document and record keeping is enforced due to compliance requirements. The capabilities of a cloud-based DMS allows the easy retrieval and long-term storage of important documents. This lowers the risk and cost of failing to comply with strict labor laws. A double win for everyone!

End-To-End Workforce Management

Is there anything better than a mountain of gifts under the tree during the holidays? Why, yes. An end-to-end workforce management solution is a thousand gifts rolled into one. Literally. It is a tightly integrated and seamless solution for all your workforce needs, in one platform. Say adios to juggling multiple systems daily. In an ideal world, staffing agencies do not have to learn and manage several systems that handle recruiting, timekeeping, and payroll separately.

Like any workforce solution, a fully integrated HR platform should eliminate barriers to the employee productivity and process. Everything should work seamlessly. How does having an end-to-end workforce management platform do that? Using one platform with a single sign on ensures the smooth flow of information starting from recruiting, human resources, payroll, and even compliance. This ensures that each individual from the agency, employee, and client has visibility over the data and can make decisions collaboratively in the process. Investing in a workforce solution that easily integrates with your processes, is easy to use, and increases efficiency provides a good return of investment and also a positive effect on your agency’s bottom line.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

As they say, ‘tis the season for giving and is there anything better than sharing with others? The growing skills gap in the blue-collar industry is not stopping anytime soon. Due to the new technology emerging in the manufacturing industry, the nature of a blue-collar worker’s job has completely changed. The workers of today are now needed to learn, operate, and understand these new machineries. Fortunately for the industry, they can turn to upskilling to share the value of education and bridge the gap between their new and existing workers.

The use of virtual and augmented reality has allowed the progress of further training for blue-collar workers. By using these technologies, AR and VR can create an immersive virtual training which allows workers to experience real-world scenarios and challenges that new tech may come across. These technologies also allow agencies and clients to train new employees different scenarios minus the cost. E-learning expert Brendan Nagle built a virtual reality welding simulator which allowed employees to practice welding and anticipate the challenges it posts. Without virtual reality, practicing on welding costs a lot of materials. AR and VR allows blue-collar workers to learn and relearn skills safely.


There are many more technologies to add to this list. As the years go by, HR technology will only keep evolving and growing. There is only one thing to remember, though it may be scary and sometimes unsure, technology and innovation was created to make your work experience better. In the spirit of thanks, have a great and happy Thanksgiving.

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