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While most employees welcomed the new year with celebration and champagne, their employers probably spent the last days of 2019 ensuring that their business is compliant with the two dozen state and federal labor laws that went into effect on January 1, 2020. Amendments in state minimum wages, new W-4 forms, and the Equal Pay for Equal Work Act, among many other things has kept business owners on their toes. As everyone is well aware, state and federal labor laws are always changing and it’s a business’ responsibility to stay up-to-date to avoid penalties and fines. By implementing these three compliance best practices this 2020 – and making everyone accountable – you will make sure that your business starts and ends the year on the right path.

Focus on Continuous Learning

Labor laws are always changing. New laws and amendments to existing laws are part of daily compliance life. The key to staying compliant amidst the many changes is preparation. Businesses can always stay prepared by staying educated about new laws that have to be put in place or new deadlines for employee requirements.

Whether organizations have a designated Human Resources department or not, teams must be proactive in looking for resources to be made aware of labor laws. The Department of Labor and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) have many resources and updates on compliance standards readily available on their website. Staffing industry associations as well regularly send alerts and reminders about changes in the state and federal labor laws. This will help organizations stay prepared for labor laws that will take effect on January 1, 2021.

Utilize a Secure and Efficient Compliance Solution

Implementing new labor laws or amendments to increasing laws can be both complex and tedious. Often times as well, this involves a large amount of paperwork and very tight deadlines. Having the right, automated compliance solution for your organization helps ease the process. An automated change management helps ensure that the changes made to sensitive information can be done as efficiently and securely as possible.

Most importantly, your compliance solution must elevate the process of risk and task management. How so? A solution that allows an organization to openly collaborate across teams will most likely ensure the successful implementation of compliance changes. Particularly, risk management is also made more efficient by having a system that can send real-time alerts and keep irreversible records.

Transparent Communication with Employees

Compliance plans like any other company-wide integration is successful only when communicated effectively. One important element is developing effective lines of communication. Important members of an organization – from the CEO to new hires – must be made aware of compliance procedures and policies. For them to fully appreciate the information, organizations must disseminate the particulars using modes of communication frequently used by their employees. Do your employees still rely on email? Do a majority of them depend on their mobile phones? There is a new breed of employees and not all of them prefer the same kind of medium. Effective lines of communication allow efforts to be coordinated and feedback to be received just as quickly.

The Importance of Compliance in 2020

Though labor laws continue to become even more complex as the years go by, the importance of staying compliant stays simple. Staying in compliance with new and existing labor laws protects both the employer and employee. It gives all parties involved legal protection and frees them from being subjected to fines and penalties. As the laws become more complex, solutions that can help ease the compliance process also progresses. We are all lucky enough that during this new decade, technology such as automated compliance systems ensures the process can be done efficiently and securely.

For an effective risk management solution, the power of utilizing modern blockchain technology can be harnessed in the form of Wurknow’s Compliance Module. This workforce management software has the ability to store irreversible records, maintain accurate recordkeeping, and automate a 30-minute lunch lockout to reduce liabilities. By utilizing only the best in technology, WurkNow is able to successfully reduce the risk and compliance management processes for staffing agencies.

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