The holiday season is always the most in-demand for the retail, manufacturing, and warehousing industries. Higher sales are expected and employers are hiring thousands of seasonal workers to keep up with the demand. When the hiring season kicked off this year, retail job openings were up to 4 percent compared to the previous year. For this year, UPS expected to hire 100,000 seasonal employees for the package volume increase this 2019. While many season hires are employed on a temporary basis, you will most likely notice that some of them have the potential to become top-performing employees for the long term.

What are the benefits and best practices of turning a temporary hire to a permanent employee?

Best Practices

Quality. Is it clear with your temp hires what their role and responsibilities will be? Do they have access to training and other resources? In short, treat any temporary worker as you would a permanent employee. In any organization, the work experience whether it be for temporary or permanent workers, should be the same. This can also be as simple as introducing them to your team or having a full-time employee personally train temp hires. It is important to create a work environment that promotes the success of all employees regardless of contract duration.

Mentorship. Regardless of whether an employee is temporary or permanent, the first day on the job is still nerve wracking. Meeting new people and learning new processes can be quite overwhelming. A highly-skilled employee placed to work in an unsupportive and unaccommodating environment is more likely to underperform. In an effort to avoid this, provide a little guidance to the new member of your staff. It is important for temporary employees to have an experienced team member act as a point person who will assist and offer guidance on how processes are run internally.

Onboarding. It’s true when they say that first impressions last and the onboarding process is a true test for your new employees of what their work experience will be. For businesses, efficiency should start in the recruitment and onboarding process. Getting your temp hires to a great start will only motivate them to excel and stay for the long term. This is the reason why exemplary onboarding results into 50% greater new hire retention. Organizations can create a better onboarding experience for temp hires by making them feel that they are a part of the company culture, communicating clear expectations of the quantity and quality of their job, and last but not the least – automating processes. Investing to build a great onboarding experience is a guarantee that short-term hires can be turned into long-term assets.


Hands-On Evaluation. Hiring can become costly and risky, especially when trying to fill for permanent positions. Even with new technology introduced, potential candidates can still paint a different picture on their resumes and interviews. Ultimately, hiring managers can never be too sure someone is a good fit for the role. However, a benefit of hiring someone on a temporary basis allows businesses to test employees out in the real world minus the permanent contract. This trial period enables businesses to have an insightful evaluation of the employees, based on how they perform their duties and collaborate with the team.

Easy Transition. If an organization decides to offer a temporary hire a more permanent role, the onboarding and transition are typically easier. There is an advantage that the employee already has received the necessary training and is well-informed about the company processes and regulations. This ensures that once settled into a permanent role, temps are able to move forward without needing any further orientation.

Reduced Costs. Permanent contracts, by law, come with many work-related benefits such as paid vacation and sick leaves, retirement packages, and health coverage. Although temporary hires are rightfully entitled to overtime pay and workers’ compensation, the absence of other costly benefits makes temporary contracts more beneficial in the short-term. Once a temp-hire is proven to be the best fit for a permanent role, these benefits can be given.

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