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One digital experience for all.

Seamlessly integrate people and tech by combining the entire employment process into a single, modern, and intuitive digital experience with our advanced, data-driven approach.

Staffing ATS

Powered by the WurkNow mobile app, staffing agencies can source, onboard, and get their candidates to work faster than ever before. Our deployment platform can be tuned to provide the right level of touch to your candidates and clients throughout your collective journey.

Mobile Onboarding

Discover our bilingual, mobile-centric application and significantly reduce recruitment costs.

Assignment Automation

Entire workflow from job offer to acceptance are automated.

Client Management

Check out our client relationship management solution with built-in markup and billing tools.

Job Order & Intelligent Matching

Instantly match job orders to candidate’s skill sets and experience.

Video Content Embedded in Mobile App

Provide Job specific training, safety orientation, directions, etc.

Seamless Communication

InApp Messaging, Text, Email & Phone

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Staffing ATS
Staffing Media Dashboard

Talent Hub

We securely store and manage important documents from drug testing, certificates, background checks, injuries, legal information, and benefits to performance reviews and terminations, making it easy for you to add documents as new regulatory changes arise.

Employee Profile Sync & Management

Centralized hub for all employees’ information.

Compliance & Audit Management

Ensure cost and litigation exposure costs are limited.


Manage employees’ access to confidential and relevant information.

Document Management

Rely on a profile-driven centralized document management system.

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Talent Hub
Human Resources Dashboard

Unified Timekeeping

We provide timely, error-free time tracking and automated employee scheduling based on easily configurable compliance policies. Approve time cards in collaboration with your clients and receive accurate time card data to pay and bill correctly.

Consolidated Timecards

Intelligent Reporting

Wage & Labor Law Rule Templates

Data Visualization | Open API

One Click Time Card Processing

Shifts & Schedules

Client Workforce Dashboards

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Unified Timekeeping
Timekeeping Dashboard


We simplify billing for the agency, employer, and hourly workers by providing seamless data transfer and reconciliation within a single system. The result is a faster, more accurate billing.

One Click Billing Processing

Configurable Pay Schedules

Audit Trail

Dashboards by Role

Billing for multiple employers and EIN

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Billing Media Dashboard