WurkNow Announces Series A Funding Round

WurkNow Team
WurkNow Team
February 15, 2022
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WurkNow Funding

Next Generation Staffing and Workforce Management Platform Provider Secure $10M to Accelerate Product Development, Growth, and Market Presence.

RIVERSIDE, CALIFORNIA, September 16, 2021 — WurkNow Inc, a fully-integrated, digital staffing and workforce management platform for hourly work, today announced the closing of a $10 million Series A funding round, led by Newport Beach, CA-based Newport Hayseed Group. This funding will be used to further optimize WurkNow’s user base and product offering, including investments in new product development, staff growth, and scaling the company’s brand and market presence.

WurkNow’s capital raise comes after a year of immense growth, brought on by the digital acceleration the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to many businesses. Demand for WurkNow’s fully-integrated staffing and workforce management platform has surged within it’s client base of staffing and recruiting firms and employers that manage large, hourly workforces. Currently, there are over 125,000 active employees using the platform; a year-over-year increase of 400%.

“The labor market has dramatically shifted over the past 18 months,” shared WurkNow CEO and Co-Founder, Sammy Singh. “Outdated, disparate systems tend to complicate and slow hiring efforts. The need for a tech-forward Single Platform approach to fill jobs faster is greater than ever and, as a result, we have seen an accelerated demand for the WurkNow platform.”

WurkNow’s tech-forward and data-driven approach empowers businesses to source, pool, and engage the right talent so that hiring managers can attain 100% fill rates. Behind the company’s success, it’s a commitment to remain focused on talent so that everyone wins.

“We understand our clients’ need to have technology that will allow them to further automate many processes and create efficiencies through artificial intelligence and machine learning. The WurkNow platform has provided the ability to do both, through continuous innovation in recruiting and matching process, seamless onboarding, and a cutting-edge mobile app to increase applicant interaction,” shared WurkNow’s CTO and Co-Founder, TJ Sehmi.

Learn More at GigE and Staffing World 2021
Find out how you can deploy a seamless, intuitive, and digital hiring and workforce management experience at your organization. WurkNow executives will be on-hand to discuss the company’s advanced, data-driven approach during two upcoming industry events:

Staffing Industry Analysts 2021 CWS Summit & GigE North America,
September 20-21, Booth L

The American Staffing Association Staffing World 2021,
September 28-20, Booth 411

About WurkNow Inc.
WurkNow Inc. is a next-generation staffing and workforce management platform for hourly work that seamlessly integrates people and technology by consolidating the entire employment experience into one digital experience. For more information, please visit www.wurknow.com.

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