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NRT Case Study

Nitro Logistics Accelerates Growth & Productivity with WurkNow’s Universal Job Order & Timekeeping Management Solution


Nitro Logistics is a Managed Service Provider based out of New Jersey with operations across the United States. Their client is National Retail Systems Inc (NRT) an asset-based 3PL provider founded in 1962. NRT is a privately-held, fourth-generation family-owned company headquartered in North Bergen, New Jersey providing customized solutions to businesses and retailers around the country.


Nitro was awarded a large contract by NRT to provide contingent labor for all of NRT’s warehousing needs. Nitro’s efforts to successfully fulfill this contract were hindered due to the usage of outdated technology solutions. By utilizing multiple staffing agencies to fill job openings, each agency’s method for submitting and scheduling workers, tracking time, and providing reports were different. The data produced from the disparate systems and processes required significant effort to manually consolidate and format the information to determine labor costs and generate invoices. This email and spreadsheet-driven, labor intensive process were not only time-consuming, but often resulted in errors that restricted the growth necessary to support Nitro’s overarching goals and initiatives. Compliance with California wage and hour laws was also a high risk due to the disparate nature of their reporting. The staffing agencies also wanted assurances that no “temp napping” would occur between their competitors.


Lorenzo contacted his former colleagues, Sammy Singh and Tim Castillo of WurkNow, to learn how WurkNow’s Universal Job Order & Timekeeping Management platform could address Nitro’s challenges and help them achieve their objectives.

“I understood that in order to achieve the company’s growth objectives, there needed to be a solution in place that would centralize information, improve data accuracy, and streamline processes. By leveraging the WurkNow platform, our team is able to focus on expanding current business operations, rather than wasting time and resources on time record retrieval and data cleansing.”

– Lorenzo Herrera | Director of West Coast Operations, Nitro

WurkNow’s Universal Job Order & Timekeeping Management Solution

WurkNow’s Solution enables staffing programs to consolidate their order to invoice processes all in a single platform. With the Universal Job Order and timekeeping software, employees from multiple agencies can be assigned, scheduled, and record their time on a single network of devices which is then organized and reported back to a central location for job costing and invoicing purposes in an accurate, and reliable format.


  • WurkNow’s solution enabled Nitro to quadruple the number of staffing agencies it partnered with, through its rapid deployment capabilities and ease of use. The average time to add a new agency to the program including training is less than 48 hours.
  • WurkNow’s platform reduced Nitro’s operational program costs immediately. Today only thirty-two Nitro employees are required to support nearly 8,600 active employees, 33 staffing vendors, and 49 clocks across 16 locations.
  • The Nitro program achieves 100% compliance by identifying all workers under the universal system and not allowing them to work for multiple agencies within the same pay period and manage overtime cost exposure more effectively.
  • WurkNow decreased admin time by 15x by reducing the time being spent on consolidating and distributing reports from 60 to 4 hours per week. These improvements not only saved Nitro money, but it enabled the team to focus on being more productive, spurring greater growth and expansion opportunities for the organization.

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