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WurkNow knows how challenging running a staffing agency can be: demanding clients, constantly needing to fill positions, long hours, always being compliant, anecdotal decision-making, managing multiple systems, accurate billing, and continuously intensifying competition.

That is why we developed WurkNow staffing agency software: to help you address all of these challenges and scale faster with a timekeeping and job order management system that streamlines and automates temp fulfillment – so that you can create a recruiting center of excellence for your clients.

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Primary WurkNow Benefits

Increase Productivity

WurkNow allows you to rapidly deploy temps and hourly workers, achieve fill rates as quickly as possible, and replace no-shows quickly. This eliminates friction from the onboarding process and helps you work smarter, not harder, by automating tedious, repetitive tasks and reporting.

Scale Your Agency

WurkNow is a single system for end-to-end workforce management with plug and play solutions based on what their agency needs over time. This will help you both capitalize on the growing temp market and less time on doing so, so that you can spend more time on higher value services. This allows you to handle larger clients and grow without adding staff, at least in the short term, and expand your agency into new geographic and vertical markets.

Reduce Costs

WurkNow will help you ensure wage and hour law compliance with the highest timekeeping accuracy to avoid fines and lawsuits. WurkNow also helps ensure workers you place receive the right training and work safely. As a result, you won’t have to continuously hire new recruiters nor hire people to perform tedious, repetitive admin work.

Increased Employee Retention

WurkNow helps you provide a positive experience for candidates so they can easily apply, be placed and onboarded, and retained. You will be in close communication with temps and improve every step of the way and will be able to offer rapid pay options for temporary and seasonal workers.

Increased Profitability

WurkNow’s accurate and timely billing will help you collect more funds, faster, keeping accounts receivable aging down.

Fast, Effective & Data-Driven Decision-Making

Automated reporting of near real-time data helps you make well-informed decisions, faster. No-shows are trackable for replacement candidates, customized dashboards are available based on the admin’s role, and your clients will receive automated email notifications.

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The right staffing agency software will help you increase revenue: the less time you spend on problems, the more time you will have to land more profitable placements, work with larger clients, expand into new vertical markets and geographies, and scale your agency.

To learn about how you can take advantage of WurkNow’s timekeepingjob order managementpayroll, billing, and other staffing automation, contact one of our digital staffing experts today.

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