WurkNow Product Update Release: September 2020

WurkNow Team
WurkNow Team
September 13, 2020
WurkNow Newest Platform Features

As you know, WurkNow was built to automate the workforce management processes for temporary employees, staffing agencies, and their clients. In the past month, we’ve been working hard to make your workforce management processes faster, easier, and even more efficient. Read on to discover some of our new favorite features from our latest product release:

Time & Labor Management

1. Employee Quick Add

Say goodbye to adding employees to our system one-by-one! The new Employee Quick Add enhancement allows agency users to add multiple employees to our system all at once.

2. Mobile App Employee Invitation Code

An employee’s unique invitation which is crucial to setting up their WurkNow Employee Mobile App setup The code can now be quickly located by the agency user in the employee profile when needed.

3. Report Scheduler: New Reports Available

Less effort, best results. We are constantly adding new report options to our Reports Email Scheduler and after the latest release, agencies may now automatically schedule data for Employee PTO details and more.


4. Order Landing Page: Calendar Tab

The latest update to WurkNow’s staffing module makes certain that recruiters will have no job orders left unfilled. This new tool displays current job orders in a calendar-style grid with improved functionality that makes it easier to manage fill statuses, view assigned workers, and create last-minute changes.

5. Order Landing Page: New Column Filters and Custom Controls

These new updates give users the power to control the data they want to see. This enhanced grid is a powerful tool for users to hide or show data, filter results, and create the perfect page environment based on their needs.

6. Order Profile: Candidates Tab

An update to WurkNow’s candidate tracking page has been added this month. This new functionality takes recruiters a step closer to finding the filling job orders faster by creating an order-specific candidate pool.

We are so proud to announce that the first of future software integrations have been added to WurkNow’s Staffing platform. This month’s release includes the Haley Marketing Job Board and Accio Backgrounds. These integrations serve to further optimize workforce management processes.

The WurkNow Team Is Here to Help

Do you want to know how your business can take advantage of these new features and deliver the benefits listed above? Reach out to our team and find out how WurkNow can work for you.


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