To Revolutionize Your Contingent Workforce, The Right Management Platform Is Essential

WurkNow Team
WurkNow Team
July 23, 2021
WurkNow Management Platform

When facing growth and expansion, businesses often turn to MSP Staffing Providers to supply and increase their temporary workforce quickly. However, placing all your job orders into one place is only the tip of the iceberg. There are many factors that go into choosing and working with an MSP, especially for businesses that manage a high-volume workforce. Hiring the right MSP partner can be the smartest decision for growth and expansion if businesses know the most essential traits to look for: fairness, consolidation and transparency.

Fairness Is Essential

Dealing with a high-volume workforce is already a heavy task in itself. This is often the main pain point for businesses. Hiring an MSP provider will ease your internal hiring managers of this burden. The agency account managers will receive the job orders, supply the candidates, and manage the workers. We all wish it was that simple.

In reality, businesses often hire multiple agencies which can make the VMS environment a bit muddled because it was built to treat each agency individually. Often, too many individual barriers cause an interference. Instead of working cohesively, each part works independently, failing to communicate.

Each staffing agency you hire has its own unique strengths and weaknesses, by giving them choices to play into their strengths, fairness comes into play. A usual occurrence is for businesses to place all job orders into one system which usually communicates the order to multiple agencies. Each agency in turn fills these orders. To make it fair for your agency partners, a good system will allow you to allocate a certain number of hires per agency or you can divide it equally among each agency. This way, your staffing partners can focus and supply the best candidates in your pipeline.

Consolidation Is Essential

Hiring an MSP provider that utilizes an end-to-end universal system is also one of the most cost-effective and flexible solutions. By ensuring that all processes go through the same work pipeline, it’s easier to remain in compliance and lower costs.

Having a consolidated system also means having one system of truth. Not only that, it will give you the ability to dictate how your organization looks. From placing an order, being able to see which agency filled them, and knowing exactly who is showing up to work at your site. A consolidated system allows you to truly be a partner in the entire hiring process.

Transparency Is Essential

Knowing that you have the best workers is great for business continuity as well as a good night’s sleep. To ensure this, working with an MSP that champions transparency is a must. It’s incredibly important to have a transparent view of your contingent workforce, their skills, the training they receive, as well as their performance. To achieve this, the data and reporting you receive need to be accurate and concise.

Placements & Partnerships

Working with a great MSP provider goes beyond placements. In essence, it is a partnership. Being in a great partnership means working together where your goals become theirs. Each business may have different goals, but hiring MSPs who value fairness, consolidation and transparency will revolutionize the quality of your contingent workforce and help your business grow.

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