3 Ways WurkNow’s Human-Centered Approach Helps You Beat the Competition

WurkNow Team
WurkNow Team
August 13, 2021

There are over 20,000 staffing agencies in the United States alone with new firms entering the competition every day. Just like you, everyone wants to be on top of the game. Beating the competition as the industry continues to grow in an increasingly fast phase is no easy feat. There are a lot of factors to consider such as partnering up with the best solutions, minding constantly changing labor laws, and always staying ahead of the competition. However, the true success of any staffing agency lies with one key ingredient: its people. Keeping a human-centric approach and equipping workers and clients with the right tools paves a seamless road to success.

Combining a seamless work experience with a human-centric focus is the perfect combination that will help you beat the competition. How will WurkNow help you achieve this? It all starts with the human-centered approach to our technological ecosystem:

Human-First Design

From day one, the idea of building WurkNow’s technology was conceptualized from the human need to elevate the work experience for the forgotten workforce. It is deeply rooted within our team to build and create a system that is holistic and human-centered. This approach takes inspiration from real people, their pain points, their needs, and considers every touchpoint as an opportunity to deliver benefits and growth to end-users.

So, why is having a human-centered approach better for a business? As opposed to a user-centric design that focuses on the tangible way users interact with a platform, being human-centered goes beyond the aesthetics to develop solutions. It is creating a mindset that involves people and their specific needs into every touchpoint.

Our ideology is to elevate and modernize the work experience for businesses with our technology, but also take into account that the system makes sense from their perspective.

An Elevated Work Experience

Having a seamless work experience right from the start is an important part of not only talent acquisition but also retention. According to Deloitte Insights, despite the mountain of modern solutions provided to end-users, productivity is barely rising. As we mentioned before, modernizing work processes does not mean being a slave to a technology’s complexities. The true essence of an elevated work experience is focusing on the end user’s personal experience through solutions that are enjoyable, flexible, and most importantly simple.

Traditional processes are often built around forms, process steps, and juggling multiple applications. While these work to a degree, its complexities can become quite overwhelming. Hence the growing trend of developing strategies and solutions that are human-centered and holistic. This approach adds value to all stakeholders from employees, workers, and clients by giving them an alternative from a standardized process to a flexible work experience that fits their needs.

White-Glove Service-Oriented Team

Adapting to new technologies and work processes can be a lengthy and bumpy process. Sometimes, users fall through the cracks through a lack of adoption due to system complexities. As an organization that takes pride in being human-first, our main priority is for our users to grow and thrive while adapting to the system. From the discovery process to implementation and adaptation, we work hand-in-hand with our clients to deliver the best white glove support possible. We develop relationships with our clients and involve them as much as possible. This approach guarantees that users appreciate the value of the system, ensures early adoption and increases overall productivity.

There are a number of workforce management systems in the market nowadays, and every day a new one enters the competition. To beat the competition in an industry increasingly becoming reliant on technology, businesses will need to design a digital work experience that is flexible to their needs and gives them ownership of their experience.

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