The Benefits of Biometric Time Clocks

WurkNow Team
WurkNow Team
November 23, 2022
Biometric Time Clocks

Companies rely on new and efficient products in the digital age to help their businesses run smoothly. Technology is revolutionizing the workplace faster than ever, which allows businesses to find ways to save money, time and commit fewer errors. One product that’s shaking things up is the biometric time clock, which is quickly becoming the new normal in the workplace.

What Is a Biometric Time Clock?

Biometrics are body measurements that are distinctive to an individual that can be used for identification purposes. Depending on the system, biometrics can use physical or behavioral characteristics to identify someone. Common biometric identifiers available in the market include:

  • Fingerprints
  • Voice
  • Finger veins
  • Facial recognition
  • DNA
  • Retina scans

Biometric time clocks are for employees to punch in and out by using techniques, including facial recognition, retina scanning, and fingerprints. When an employee presents their face, eyes, or fingerprint to the scanner, it captures an image that translates into a numerical code unique to the individual. The code is then matched to one within the database, thus correctly identifying the employee. Within seconds, employees are easily and accurately punched in and out.

Time & Attendance Benefits of Biometric Access Control

Biometric time clocks have many benefits for employers for keeping accurate time records. Here are five ways for how this rapidly evolving technology can better serve your company.

1. Increased On-Site Security

Every employee wants to feel safe in their workplace. Having a biometric access control system improves security in your business when installed at secure access points by ensuring that only authorized people can enter the building.

Since entrances with biometric access don’t need keys and accurately track the comings and goings of people on the premises, this system helps reduce theft. There is no way to pick or break locks, and the only way to gain access is by already being accounted for in your company’s biometric database. This works better than systems that use technology like key cards, passwords, or fobs, all of which can be stolen or lost.

2. Smoother Shift Transitions

Not only can key cards, passwords, and fobs be stolen, but they can also be stressful or annoying for employees to remember. In an age when everything needs a password, memorizing and then having to update them can be too much to expect. Resetting forgotten passwords is also time-consuming.

Keycards and fobs can be hard to juggle if you have your hands full, so biometric access control and time attendance systems makes coming and going much easier – just look into the camera, scan, and go.

3. Eliminates Fraudulent Punches

Biometric time clocks eliminate the possibility of “buddy punches,” which is when an employee punches in and out for an absent co-worker. In some workplaces, this is a severe offense, but it still happens. Biometric time clocks make buddy punching impossible since an employee must be physically present to punch in.

Biometric systems also hold employees accountable for how much time they work, so time theft is never an issue. There’s no way to play the system or falsify punches.

4. Automated Time Tracking

Biometric time clocks are accurate and efficient since everything is automated. Not only is attendance tracked, but all employee data can be directly transferred to your payroll software and updated in real time.

A biometric access control system reduces errors over manual employee time tracking with timecards, employers and employees know that they can depend on accurate payroll payments.

Increase Efficiency & Accuracy with WurkNow Biometric Time Clocks

WurkNow’s biometric time clock system is easy to use since employees only need to register once, even if they have several different job assignments. Productivity increases because your workforce employees are identified quickly. The clock system is powerful enough to make 150,000 matches per second using biometric data both accurately and efficiently.

WurkNow clocks focus on fingerprints because it’s best for larger light industrial and warehouse workforces capturing real-time data, and no more PIN numbers and badges. We use fingerprint points without images and convert scans into a numerical sequence within the database. We do recommend creating a consent process during the employee onboarding that includes their fingerprint registration.

Speak with the biometric time clock experts at WurkNow to take the next step in securing and automating your timekeeping and payroll processing.

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