Technology & The Modern Recruitment Process: Q&A with Christina Shomaker

WurkNow Team
WurkNow Team
August 13, 2021
Christina Shomaker

“We look at each individual and understand their struggles and how our platform can address their needs.”

Christina Shomaker, Customer Success Manager for WurkNow, talks about her experience providing solutions for software challenges and streamlining workflows for the staffing industry. Chris is responsible for product implementation, synthesizing product feedback to respond to customer needs, and over-all creating a positive experience for WurkNow’s end-users.

In this week’s edition of #FeatureFriday, she talks about main recruiting pain points and how technology can transform the way staffing agencies recruit and retain the right candidates.

Hi, Chris! Can you share what your role is at WurkNow and how your experience in staffing influences your job?

After graduating from the University of Southampton with a Master of Arts in Archeology, I got steered into different career paths before I ventured into executive search and staffing. My journey as a tech specialist within the staffing industry continued when I joined WurkNow in December 2019 as a Customer Success Manager/Staffing Product Owner. My experience of prioritizing end-user productivity and building solutions that speak exactly to what the staffing industry truly needs has helped prepare for the level of functionality and technology that WurkNow brings.

In your experience, what are the main challenges staffing agencies face when recruiting workers?

Some of the daily tasks that staffing agencies have to accomplish are still manually done such as tracking orders that have yet to be filled or workers that have not been assigned. As we’ve seen before, manual processes eventually open itself up to errors and delays. Clients and temporary workers often feel neglected. However, I know that staffing agencies genuinely want their clients and workers to succeed. A majority of their time is often filled with lengthy manual tasks and juggling multiple integrations that they don’t have time to nurture candidates and clients.

Can you elaborate on how WurkNow’s technology addresses these challenges?

Our software was designed to complete tasks with just a few clicks to easily fill in the gaps for major pain points within the staffing industry. By working closely with our clients, we’ve added these specific features that address these specific pain points:

1. Our system gives agencies the option to view orders by date rather than a general date range, ensuring that no orders are left unfilled. It automatically displays which job orders need immediate attention and how many temps are still needed.

2. Speaking of not forgetting employees, one of our newest features displays where an employee is assigned for the week. It also shows active employees who have not been assigned yet, skipping the need to track employee assignments manually.

These are just some of the many tools in the system that automates the recruiting process for agencies yet does not lose the human element that’s important to nurture candidates.

Each staffing agency aims to create exceptional work experience. How do you help them reach that goal?

I pride myself on having a collaborative approach when it comes to creating staffing solutions. This stems from WurkNow’s vision of creating a happy and seamless workflow experience not just for staffing agencies, but for their temp workers and clients as well. We look at each individual and understand their struggles and how our platform can address their needs.

As we head towards 2021, which trends are you tracking, and what’s in store for WurkNow?

There are many changes happening in the recruitment landscape. The peak season has arrived for hiring seasonal temps, but with the pandemic and other factors, it’s becoming more difficult to find workers to fill job orders. As I mentioned before, this will entail automating processes to give agencies time in their day to find the best workers without bias, as well as nurturing the current pool of candidates that they already have. Looking forward to 2021, WurkNow’s products will continue to evolve to help staffing agencies find the best talent faster than anyone else.

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