Revolutionizing Workforce Management: How WurkNow’s AI-Driven Unified Timekeeping Transforms Multi-Staffing Supplier Environments

TJ Sehmi
February 13, 2024

Our AI strategy has always been focused on leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance customer value by addressing operational challenges efficiently and cost-effectively. Our dedicated team meticulously examines each aspect of workforce management workflows to pinpoint areas where AI can make a tangible impact.

A prime example of this approach is our solution to the complexities faced by clients serviced by multiple staffing suppliers, each providing their own timekeeping systems. Traditionally, this scenario results in considerable inefficiencies, operational disruptions, and increased potential for human error.

Use Case: Multiple Staffing Suppliers Servicing a Single Client

In situations where a client is serviced by several staffing suppliers, each supplier typically installs its own time clock. This process involves significant setup challenges, including physical installation, power and internet connectivity requirements, and secure access provisions. This repetitive and cumbersome process, often involving multiple installations (e.g., ten installations for five suppliers with two clocks each), leads to substantial inconvenience, additional costs, and operational disruptions.

Furthermore, the cost of hardware is another critical factor. Each supplier must purchase or lease, configure, and maintain their clocks, with ongoing maintenance adding to operational costs. Any malfunctioning of these clocks disrupts operations, leading to time-consuming and costly repairs.

The worker oversight aspect is equally challenging. In facilities with 10-15 staffing suppliers, workers often mistakenly punch into clocks from different vendors. This leads to frustration, missed punches, and additional time spent by supervisors manually correcting these errors.

A real world example of multiple clocks provided by several staffing suppliers at a client site.

Our solution, WurkNow’s Unified Timekeeping System, addresses these challenges head-on. Utilizing our proprietary AI Clock technology, all staffing suppliers can use a single, unified clock. Our AI system automatically and securely relays punch details to the respective agency’s secured portal. Each staffing supplier has access only to their employees’ timecards, ensuring privacy and security.

By adopting WurkNow’s AI-powered clock, all workers, irrespective of their staffing supplier, use the same efficient and streamlined timekeeping system. This implementation dramatically reduces inefficiencies, lowers hardware costs, and simplifies oversight, revolutionizing the timekeeping process in multi-supplier environments.

After implementing WurkNow’s AI powered time clock. One clock for multiple staffing suppliers.


Embracing WurkNow’s AI strategy not only simplifies timekeeping in complex staffing environments but also represents a significant leap forward in operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Our commitment to understanding and integrating AI technology in practical ways continues to drive value for our customers, showcasing our dedication to innovation and excellence in the staffing industry.


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