Modernizing Workforce Management Processes with WurkNow, Q&A with Rob Henshaw

WurkNow Team
WurkNow Team
August 13, 2021
Rob Henshaw

“The collaborative tools need to take into account that each user has different tasks to accomplish, and the system should make it easy to manage their part of the process.”

WurkNow’s success wouldn’t be possible without the unique and talented individuals who live and breathe our organization’s purpose every single day. We started #FeatureFriday, a spotlight series on our team members, to share a glimpse of these incredibly talented individuals and how they influence WurkNow’s end-to-end solution.

In this week’s edition of #FeatureFriday, we will be featuring Rob Henshaw who recently joined WurkNow as Director of Product Management. Rob’s team ensures that WurkNow’s software continues to improve everyday.

All Roads Lead to Product Management

As WurkNow’s full-product suite continues to grow over the years, the need to have an experienced visionary to lead our team of talented product managers quickly became evident. Last July, product leader Robin Henshaw was welcomed to the team. Rob’s career path has led him to diverse roads, from his first professional job in the engineering department to orchestrating Vistaprint’s growth as their Technology Director for over a decade. All of these were building blocks that made him the product expert he is today.

“As Director of Product Management, I lead the team of product owners and subject matter experts that turn WurkNow’s vision into reality,” Rob says, “We define how our platform should work so that it allows our customers to grow their business and easily serve their clients and workers.”

Building WurkNow’s Workforce Management Software

As Director of Product Management, Rob’s daily work life consists of managing client needs, overseeing a team of technical product managers, and collaborating with our global software development team. It takes clear and constant communication to make sure that WurkNow’s vision is in alignment with every step of the process in enhancing the products. As Rob shares, building a great work experience is the heart and soul of the software.

“Many companies are trying to solve the candidate experience, but WurkNow truly puts the worker experience top of mind.”

Modernizing the Staffing Experience: A Collaborative Approach

Technology is present in every aspect of our lives. As the need to optimize processes rose over the years, modern technology such as blockchain and artificial intelligence has made their way into the workplace and workforce management. However, it’s important to never lose sight of the human element of workforce management despite the prevalence of modern technology. Remember, staffing solutions are merely tools that are an extension of your organization, to help make processes more efficient. It simply cannot replace the human element most important to business continuity, which is critical thinking.

At WurkNow, our approach is always human-first. Staffing solutions aid in automating processes and lessening the time to get things done, but they compliment their human counterparts. Most importantly, the platform prioritizes staffing agency users, their clients, and temporary workers in each process, making sure they can readily access the data they need and easily share it with each other.

“Each user must easily interact with the data that matters to them, regardless of where it is created. The collaborative tools need to take into account that each user has different tasks to accomplish, and the system should make it easy to manage their part of the process,” Rob explains.

Automating Work Process for Hourly Workers

For the past year, automation has been the center of workforce technology development. How can we recruit candidates faster? Is there a way for the onboarding process to be optimized? As the demand for great talent and speed-to-market rises, so does the need to automate work processes.

“Candidates want quick access to job opportunities. Employees want to easily see assignments and requirements,” shares Rob, “Agencies need to easily communicate with talent and clients, and to do that while on the go, as speed to fill jobs with the best talent is essential for their business success. Clients benefit too, as they want visibility into the status of their assignments, and who will be showing up for work.”

As WurkNow’s leader for product management, Rob makes certain that automation is top of mind for the development of the products. His team continues to enhance the full-product suite with optimizations such as automated reports for contact tracing and one-click functionalities across the whole software. The end goal for automating the processes is to always make it more simple, transparent, and garner better business results for the users.

What’s in Store for WurkNow?

This year has caught everyone by surprise to say the least. Due to social distancing and switching to remote work overnight, our clients had to use these unprecedented times to take a closer look at their existing processes and make sure it continues to fit their needs. As the last quarter of 2020 and the holiday rush approaches, the product and development team will continue collaborating with our clients to further enhance our end-to-end solution.

“As we enter the last quarter of this most unusual and unpredictable year, WurkNow will continue to focus on creating a truly seamless experience for workers, clients, and the recruiting teams that bring them together,” Rob says.

Fast Talk with Rob Henshaw

Describe Rob in one word: Patient
Where did you grow up: I grew up in Templeton, Massachusetts where I still live today
Guilty pleasure: Chocolate
Favorite quote: “Wherever you go, there you are.”

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