How to End Time Clock Insanity with a Consolidated Timekeeping Process

WurkNow Team
WurkNow Team
March 21, 2023

For staffing agencies and employers, managing timekeeping across multiple companies, agencies, and locations can be a nightmare of clocking in and out confusion, errors, inefficiency, and compliance gaps.

But with the right timekeeping solution, organizations can capture all time worked by each employee, streamline time clock management, ensure accurate payroll and labor law compliance, and reduce the burden on both employers and employees – with a single time clock.

The Many Challenges of Timekeeping

Large employers typically hire multiple staffing agencies in an attempt to meet all of their hiring needs. Each staffing agency has their own onboarding process and timekeeping system, which often includes placing their time clock at the employer’s location. As you can see in the image above, this creates confusion for workers: where to clock in? Some workers clock in on the wrong staffing agency clock or in the wrong app.

Additionally, staffing agencies will place the same worker in multiple jobs over time – i.e. multi-placement – and they may clock in for the wrong employer.

To make matters worse, if a worker puts in more than 8 hours in a day or 40 hours per week with multiple staffing agencies and/or employers, they need to be paid overtime or you can run afoul of labor laws. It’s also critical to ensure that they are taking their breaks and lunches when they are supposed to and that workers don’t abuse the system (e.g. buddy punching).

Consolidated Timekeeping

WurkNow, a leading provider of digital staffing automation, works closely with staffing agencies and employers to identify and develop cutting-edge solutions. To alleviate the headaches and chaos of traditional timekeeping, WurkNow offers a consolidated timekeeping solution – including software, apps, and clocks – that can be used across multiple employers.

WurkNow streamlines timekeeping for staffing agencies and employers, making it easier for employees to report their hours and for employers to manage payroll and compliance. Benefits of WurkNow’s consolidated timekeeping system include:

Timecards Icon

Consolidated Timecards: employees can work at multiple employers without having to log into multiple portals to track their time. All hours worked at any employer using the WurkNow clock are compiled into one timecard, making it easy to track total hours worked.

Accurate Timekeeping Icon

Accurate Timekeeping: with one universal clock for all agencies and temps, there’s no need for multiple clocks at each location. Timekeeping software can simplify the timekeeping process and reduce confusion, errors, and more.

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Cost-Effective: by eliminating the need for physical time clocks (including biometric) and consolidating timecards, businesses can save time and resources – and reduce the headaches of traditional timekeeping.

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Mobile App: the WurkNow mobile app offers convenience and flexibility for employees, allowing them to clock in and out, view timecards, and request time off right from their phones.

For staffing agencies using WurkNow, workers need only to be onboarded once and WurkNow tracks all hours, breaks and more across multiple employers with one timekeeping system and mobile app.

For employers, there only needs to be one time clock for all workers placed by multiple staffing agencies by requiring each agency to use WurkNow. Co-employment scenarios can also be avoided with WurkNow’s timekeeping reporting.

Experience the Future of Timekeeping

With the right technology, time clock insanity can be a thing of the past. WurkNow’s timekeeping solution offers a universal time clock (with biometric options), consolidated and simplified timekeeping, and a mobile app for convenient access.

Ready to get started? Experience the future of timekeeping and streamline your operations with WurkNow’s timekeeping solutions.

Speak to one of our timekeeping experts to learn more about technology solutions for your organization or get a demo to see how the software works.

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