Building a Digital Job Candidate Identity with Blockchain

WurkNow Team
WurkNow Team
July 23, 2021
Blockchain in Staffing

Traditional resumes are often written by individuals or professional services that are supposed to paint an accurate picture of one’s work history and capabilities. Essentially, making them pretty on paper. In all honesty, resumes are built on an honor system. If it’s on paper, it must be right. However, as many recruiters know, that is mostly not the case. By adopting blockchain technology, staffing companies have made the verification process easier.

The Role of Blockchain Technology

You can liken blockchain technology to a secure bank for accumulated data. As an authorized user of the said bank, you may deposit as much data as you’d like such as identification cards, work authorization forms, skill certificates, diplomas, and even injury reports. You may add, you may subtract, or even authorize individuals to access your account. However, transactions made to your account cannot be altered. Each change to a transaction is recorded. At the end of the day, your secure bank will keep a list of all the transactions you’ve made, available for you to share easily as the need arises.

That’s the power of blockchain in a nutshell – It eliminates the need to write down resumes by helping individuals create a secure digital identity that is trustworthy.

Building a Digital Identity

A digital identity like any identity is important for individuals. It makes you unique and it’s your own stamp in the world. Keeping your digital identity secure and tamper-proof is one of the many benefits of blockchain. Not only does it allow individuals to store pertinent information in a digital ledger, but it also makes sure they do not lose value over any information they store.

“It brings me back to the time I witnessed a worker, wasting hours just to complete a job application at a staffing agency”, WurkNow Chief Technology Officer TJ Sehmi shares, “This is what WurkNow was built on, empowering workers will always be the center of what we do.”

Adopting blockchain technology to create a digital identity is a win-win for both employees and recruiters. It streamlines the verification process and also allows workers to showcase certain work milestones that may not always shine through a traditional resume.

Self-sovereign Identity

This means having control and complete ownership over the identity you’ve built. Blockchain technology gives candidates a sense of ownership with the data they’ve built by ensuring that the digital resumes they have built over the years are verified and tamper-proof. Storing information to build a digital identity is easy. Many individuals do it daily unknowingly, from transacting in e-commerce to posting on social media. Each step you take to keep and share parts of yourself builds your digital identity. However, it’s also important that with digital identities also comes being self-sovereign.

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