How a Recruiting App Can Solve Light Industrial Hiring Challenges for Staffing Agencies

WurkNow Team
WurkNow Team
March 7, 2023
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Staffing agencies face no shortage of challenges, and this goes double for the talent acquisition needs of light industrial employers. The workforce and staffing flow for light industrial work are intense, as they often demand rapid deployment and large amounts of training. However, most staffing agencies are burdened by manual processes and outdated technology that fail to establish a speedy and effective onboarding process.

Thankfully, emerging tech, like mobile recruiting apps, boosts staffing agency time-to-fill rates, organizational capacity, profitability, and ability to scale. Staffing agency software helps solve many pressing issues, especially those related to hiring for light industrial businesses.

What Is a Recruiting App?

Recruiting apps are like Swiss Army knives for a staffing agency’s needs during the hiring process. A quality, sleek mobile application easily connects clients with applicants, creating a seamless hub for resourcing, information capture, hiring, onboarding, and boosting retention. Essentially, it’s a tool for the hiring team at a staffing agency to streamline the recruiting process.

Key Recruiting App Capabilities

While recruiting apps are fantastic solutions for hiring in any sector, many specific benefits apply to the unique challenges of hiring managers in light industrial staffing. Therefore, you shouldn’t settle for a solution that lacks key features and the functions that are necessary to secure an end-to-end management system. Below are key benefits to be aware of when you’re searching for fast, effective, and scalable recruitment software.

Sourcing Candidates

Many light industrial companies can’t operate profitably when there are unfilled positions. Therefore, the process of sourcing the best candidates needs to be as efficient as possible. Recruiting software allows staffing agencies to rapidly post and manage job ads across all major platforms to attract potential candidates as quickly as possible. The speedier staffing agencies are at finding quality candidates, the happier their clients and the faster they get paid.

Resume Parsing

Getting through a stack of resumes can be a slog, but reviewing every top candidate is essential for hiring teams. Using a recruiting app with a state-of-the-art applicant tracking mechanism saves time by narrowing the field down to the most qualified candidates. This allows staffing agencies to take on larger clients and more work without compromising their quality.

Communicating with Candidates

Failing to quickly communicate with interested candidates during the recruitment process means you might lose out on suitable candidates for the job. Therefore, ensuring you have a direct channel for communication via mobile devices is a must.

Recruiting apps help consolidate communications so that no conversation slips through the cracks. The best apps aggregate texts, emails, chats, and phone calls directly through the platform.


Any staffing agency knows how burdensome the onboarding process can be at times. Depending on the type of job, the onboarding process can take days or even weeks. These issues are especially prevalent in light industrial work, where safety training is often a requirement. On top of that, there’s a flurry of documents, materials and forms that need to be distributed, tracked and collected.

By using a mobile recruiting app during the hiring process, agencies can control and distribute all onboarding information in one place. From there, agencies can deliver and receive documents from new hires with features like in-app digital signatures. These features save time, eliminate confusion, and speed up the onboarding process. In addition, with mobile capabilities, new hires can complete much of the process from home. No more relying on snail mail or physical meetings to complete critical steps.

Not only do mobile recruiting apps boost efficiency, but they also provide the ability to customize onboarding materials to meet the specific needs of any new hire.

Client Relationship Management

The best recruiting apps are flexible enough to meet the unique needs of every client, so any app you consider must include dynamic functions like custom billing rates.

Overall, using an app that meets a client’s individual workflow helps strengthen the relationship. It displays that you can take their best interests and incorporate them into your own dynamic process.

Job Assignments

The modern workforce demands automation, which poses specific benefits in job assignments. Mobile recruitment apps automate assignments, eliminating the time-consuming task of doing this manually and reducing errors.

Streamline Recruiting with WurkNow’s Mobile App

Top talent is the key to building a lasting business. So, when you’re selecting recruiting software, it’s essential to select one that includes a comprehensive array of features. Only then can you increase the satisfaction of clients, candidates and new hires.

WurkNow’s digital staffing automation software is one of the most dynamic applications available. The app features an employee engagement hub that establishes seamless communication with employers as you streamline their onboarding processes. It also comes with an intelligent candidate-matching service, which highlights new applicants who best fit your clients’ values and immediate needs.

If WurkNow’s mobile recruitment app sounds like a fit for your company, schedule a demo or speak with one of our digital recruiting experts.

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