4 New Talent Acquisition Software Features that Make Staffing Easier

WurkNow Team
WurkNow Team
July 23, 2021
Employee Team

Year after year, staffing agencies are constantly working to achieve a win-win-win situation: efficiently fill job orders to keep clients happy, make sure clients have the best candidates for important vacancies, and for job seekers to receive an assignment that matches their skill sets and desire working environment. Some would say it’s easier said than done, but this is not an impossible task. The secret is using WurkNow’s Next-Generation Staffing Workforce Management platform to make processes simple and increase productivity. So how can you foster a win-win-win scenario? It’s easier with these four features:

Automated Policy Assignment

Say goodbye to the tedious task of assigning policies to each individual employee. OT and Accrual policies can now be automatically assigned depending on the specific assignment.

Candidates on Assignment

Do last-minute job orders give you nightmares? Say no more! Now you can easily identify which of your workers are on an assignment on that specific day which helps generate a list of available candidates for a last-minute job.

Assignment Record

Keeping clear and consistent communication with your workers is essential to keep them engaged and happy. Now it’s easier to record call notes, send a text message, or e-mail a worker with just one click.

End of Assignment Reason

Everyone loves great data – including us. This is why we always make it a point to give our clients easy access to data that makes sense for them. By knowing why certain assignments have ended, you will be able to track metrics better and make strategic decisions for future assignments.

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