Busted! 4 Myths About Working With A Staffing Agency

WurkNow Team
WurkNow Team
July 23, 2021
Staffing Agency Myths

If you think today’s staffing companies are the same as your grandmother’s temp agency, you might have to think again. The years of manual processes and outdated technology have created a cloud of confusion that seems to follow the “staffing and recruiting” industry. However, next-generation staffing agencies have also adopted modern technologies that have allowed them to shed these outdated processes to welcome a more simple and seamless experience. These advancements have made it easier for agencies to debunk certain myths about staffing. Here are some of them:

Myth 1: It’s time-consuming

It’s no secret that job seekers think staffing agencies are synonymous with endless paperwork and long wait times. We’re not going to lie, there was a time that manual application forms are the only option agencies had. To be honest, it’s one of the many reasons WurkNow came about. Many staffing agencies are already utilizing digital application forms and even e-signs for their documents, saving job seekers time and effort. Our clients are also using our WurkNow Mobile App for candidates to build their own work profiles, apply for jobs, and accept assignments…all via their mobile phones!

Myth 2: Temp jobs are only seasonal

Staffing agencies place temporary employees but because of the need for good talent, most clients offer permanent and temp-to-hire positions. Great talent is hard to find and when a worker comes in with great skills, that is something employers want to keep. When a staffing agency has built the reputation of supplying great talent, this often means a year-round need to fill job orders or even temp-to-hire positions.

Myth 3: Navigating to and around work sites is confusing

Not true! Although working for a staffing agency means working at different locations and shifts, modern technology has made it easier to manage. For example, our clients usually work with employers that hire multiple agencies to supply their workforce. This can be quite confusing because workers do not know where they’re supposed to clock-in. Our Next-Generation Staffing & Workforce Management platform allows any worker who arrives at a worksite to clock in via any WurkNow timeclock. Not only that, but we have also prioritized certain processes to be done remotely. Workers can be onboarded, receive orientation, and direction to the work site remotely.

Myth 4: They just don’t care

There are many myths that surround the staffing industry, but this is one that we liked debunking the most. While job seekers may think that they are just a number for staffing agencies, it simply is not true. Many agencies like our clients are constantly revamping their processes and tools to give their workers and clients the best experience possible. This means creating a win-win-win scenario: agencies are able to fill job orders as efficiently as possible, clients are supplied with the best candidates for an important vacancy, and job seekers are assigned to an assignment that matches their job skill set.

Truth: Staffing agencies provide flexible and long-term job opportunities

Like any other industry, staffing and recruiting have come a long way. In the past year, their technology adoption has grown to great heights. This kind of growth has allowed them to evolve and be great partners for job seekers to find and grow thriving careers.

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