Step aside millennials, there’s a new breed of workers in town. Generation Z or Gen Zers are born between 1996 to 2010 and they make up 30% of the workforce. This generation grew up very different from their predecessors. Gen Zers expects the same easy access and instant gratification as they have the rest of their lives. Some may think they’re a little hard to understand, but in this blue-collar drought, the only hope is the next generation. Lucky for us, modern technology has made it possible for businesses to attract and retain these new breed of workers.


Gen Zers are considered the true digital native. They are the first generation to grow up where high-speed internet, tablets, mobile phones, and wi-fi is already in place. According to a report, 57% of this new generation believe that technology enables them to be more productive at work. Not just any technology though. Businesses have learned that in order to ensure that their Gen Z employees are happy and productive, they must integrate mobile technology and apps into their workflow. More than their laptops, they are joined at the hip with their mobile phones and not just to make phone calls.

That being the case, which technologies can staffing agencies maximize for their Gen Z employees? According to a report from Monster, 45% of the younger generation believes technology allows them to be mobile, which is growing increasingly important. Therefore, businesses must prioritize eliminating manual processes such as sign-in sheets and traditional mechanisms of managing workflow. Instead, invest on electronic time & attendance trackers and project management apps that employees can access via their mobile phones.


According to Millenial and Gen Z expert Ryan Jenkins, 72% of these workers prefer face-to-face communication at work. Both Millennials and Gen Zers rely heavily on their mobile phones and tablets for communication. They might sound exactly alike, but not quite. Forget about chats and emails because Gen Z workers prefer face-to-face communication. According to Case in point, although technology’s influence is growing rapidly across all industries, businesses must not forget about the difference a human touch brings. Staffing agencies must follow up electronic communications with human elements because it fosters trust, bond, and confidence, most of which technology does not ignite.

Data Ownership

According to research from IBM, Gen Zers would rather share their personal details with their dog than their employer. Having grown up with mobile phones and the internet, they are more cautious about how their personal information is gathered and stores. For staffing agencies and hiring managers, this is something that must be taken into account especially during onboarding. From background checks and employment verifications, it’s important that every document is gathered correctly and stored securely.

Cloud-based document management has proven its benefits, not just for Gen Zers but the workforce as a whole. For staffing agencies, this is more important than ever because of employee payroll and IRS requirements. Cloud-based document management allows information to be recovered conveniently, easily modified, and archived as long as necessary. More than that, businesses should aim for all parties involved to have equal access and ownership over the data.

What to expect?

Change is always constant and as the workforce changes, so will the ways businesses operate to meet their needs. We all understand the panic, businesses have barely adjusted to the millennials in the workforce. However, according to studies, the new workforce generations bring more benefits than people expect. They are more likely to work harder than past generations, more willing to learn, and they embody what the future is about – digital.

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