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Take a moment…and step away from the mountain of time card data you are currently facing. We know it’s not an easy process, particularly when so much relies on correct and punctual time and attendance tracking. According to the American Payroll Association, calculating payroll manually and misclassifications can cost businesses as much as 8% of their total payroll. To avoid these time and money hazards, staffing agencies have started to automate their time and labor tracking system. However, in the technology landscape, these software solutions are a dime a dozen. How sure are you that your current time and labor management software is the best for your agency?

Is it…


First, look for a system that has simple terminologies and an uncluttered interface. These promote an easy understanding for end-users to navigate the system. Although minimal training is important for everyone to be on the same page, the system should not require hours of training. Most importantly, the system’s technology should first and foremost make everyone’s job efficient. By having a single sign-on that allows a manager, client, and employee to view data in a centralized database, it cuts the lengthy process of approving user access. All parties involved are able to get more out of the data that is retrieved, such as a client being able to forecast when staffing is at its peak, a manager being able to ensure compliance at all times, and employees are able to verify that their hours are being accounted for properly.

When shopping for a time tracking software, there are many factors to keep in mind. Adaptability should always be top of mind. An agency’s time and labor management software should easily adapt to its needs. Learn about WurkNow’s Time and Labor Management technology. 


Do you have temp workers assigned to more than one location? What about data that you wish could be reported in real-time? This is why having a flexible time and labor management system is essential.

As I’ve said, the system has to fit an agency’s needs. Primarily, having a system that is cloud-based enables any employee to clock in and out whenever they want or wherever they may be. This immutable data is available across all devices, allowing all parties involved to have access to it on the fly. Not only that, with real-time syncing of data, managers can make crucial decisions wherever they may be. The flexibility of receiving real-time data allows managers to avoid bottlenecks such as a long wait for clocking in which results in overtime.


Compliance, compliance, compliance. Have we stressed it enough? Compliance. The number one reason agencies switch to an automated time tracking system is to eliminate human error and faulty data in their payroll process. An ideal time and labor management software prioritizes the capture of immutable data. This is very important to make sure employees clock in and out during the appropriate schedule and not a minute too soon. Having accurate data captured also protects an agency from fines by ensuring that they are compliant with labor laws such as California lunch regulations.

An ideal time and labor management software also maintains accuracy by offering real-time alerts to avoid possible issues. For example, if a manager is automatically alerted that a certain employee has not clocked out for lunch, they can be reminded before the fact to maintain compliance with the law.


We understand, growth is painful. Some of your employees might find it difficult to try a new and advanced system, most specifically because it’s not a process they are familiar with. What one must always keep in mind before adopting any new technology in its system is that digital solutions need not be complicated. Technology is built to enhance current processes and not complicate it.

Marisa Balderas is the Customer Success Manager of WurkNow, she is our go-to for all client onboarding, account escalations, and client advocacy. How can we help you? You may get in touch with Marisa at hello@wurknow.com.