WurkNow Announces Series A Funding Round

Next Generation Staffing and Workforce Management Platform Provider Secures $10M to Accelerate Product Development, Growth and Market Presence


When the COVID-19 pandemic erupted, no one could have predicted the impact it would have on people and the economy alike. As cases started to rise and stay-at-home mandates were put into place, the full effect of the pandemic was felt by different industries almost instantly.

According to the State of Staffing report, hourly workers have been the most vulnerable to COVID-19. The report found that 42% of those surveyed have already filed or plan to file for unemployment benefits. While 51% of the respondents remain in fear that they could be exposed to the virus. However, the staffing industry will not cower in defeat. According to Staffing Hub’s COVID-19 pulse survey, 70% of staffing firms believe the industry expects to emerge from the pandemic stronger than ever. OSHA has also released return-to-work guidelines such as staggered shifts and social distancing to anticipate the uptake of businesses.

Reports suggest that when businesses start to reopen, the pandemic will cause long term repercussions on how people work or hire. As the new normal of working starts to emerge, so will new solution providers. Here are the top three things to ensure that your business adapts to the best technology in the long term:


Because of the impact COVID-19 has brought to the economy, businesses need to be more careful about utilizing technology that opens them up to costly litigation or repercussions in the future. It is essential that whatever technology helps you with today, it continues to support you in the future. A tool such as the WurkNow Staffing Module can help you automate the recruiting process to fill jobs faster, but it’s important that this technology matches the job order with the right candidate. As you know, employee turnover can be costly, often costing employers 33% of an employee’s annual salary.

Hour and wage payment laws are strictly enforced by the Department of Labor. Employee work hours must always be accurately accounted for to avoid pay disputes with employees. The same goes as well for meal breaks, rest breaks, and overtime. WurkNow technology has made this whole process error-proof by taking away manual calculations that are susceptible to mistakes.


Intuitive technology, in a nutshell, is user-friendly software that bypasses critical thinking to perform a task. The goal of intuitive technology is to make a user feel comfortable and at ease with the software. Rather than waste quality time on bulky manuals, intuitive tech products are easier to learn and use.

Over the years, intuitive technology has helped streamline daily processes for staffing agencies. Job searches that have been powered by machine learning or artificial intelligence is a great example. For instance, WurkNow’s Staffing Module helps staffing agencies expedite the hiring process by intelligently matching job orders to the right candidates. Instead of dealing with all the digital noise and sifting through thousands of applications, our technology filters through the big data and presents recruiters with candidates that have been intelligently chosen. As it collects more information, it renders more accurate assessments. In addition, this process fills jobs faster while eliminating human bias that could otherwise produce an unfit candidate for the role.

Intuitive technology as well should be seamless when it matters. WurkNow’s Single Sign-On (SSO) is a perfect example of how technology has gone to great lengths to ease daily processes. SSO provides a centralized portal with one-click access to manage streamlined processes from recruiting to payroll. This allows employees to monitor multiple employees across different departments and locations from one dashboard.


According to a report by the Staffing Industry Analysts, large staffing buyers believe that after the pandemic their contingent workforce will continue to grow to as much as 25%. To be honest, the stay-at-home orders caused by the pandemic truly showed that most businesses can adjust to working from home. However, the transition is not nearly as easy. This period also showed how companies were ill-prepared to work remotely. How can that be avoided? By utilizing flexible technology.

As opposed to rigid solutions, flexible technology adapts to future requirements and changes that can occur instantaneously. WurkNow offers a variety of flexible solutions to ensure that agencies can utilize technology that works whether their business grows bigger, smaller, or remotely.

There are many examples of flexible technology that WurkNow offers, but here are a few examples that are perfect, especially during these times:

Geolocation-enabled Mobile Clocks

Whether your employees are at home or in the office, they have the power to clock in their hours via a mobile app. Not only that, some of these mobile clocks are also enhanced with geolocation and geotracking that ensures your employees are working from designated locations.

Cloud-based Solutions

Decentralized management is extremely important to sustain flexibility. It allows for easier collaboration and communication between teams. Particularly, it does not require any installation to be accessed. As long as your employee has access to the internet, they are able to perform business as usual.

New Business As Usual

The future of staffing looks undoubtedly bright. However positive it may be, the future does not come without new normals. As the industry forges on, so will new practices such as social distancing. Looking at long-term trends and solutions are part of the bigger picture. Future-proof tech solutions like WurkNow ensures staffing agencies are prepared for whatever the future holds.

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