Agency up design

Build a transparent agency-client relationship by fully designing and implementing a job order management and timekeeping process specific to your needs.

Secure supplier portal

Secure supplier portal

Maintain a harmonious and transparent relationship with your clients. Have a balanced touch between job order transparency and keeping each supplier's data confidential and secure.

wurknow global

Universal timeclock

Keep your workers happy with a positive work experience! Enroll multi-agency employees to only one timeclock and avoid confusion of where to clock in and out.

Realtime tracking

Real-time tracking

Track and receive data for multiple job orders in real-time. Being able to receive real-time status and identify data is important for staffing agencies to be able to go through work processes more efficiently.

Multi-Supplier Order Routing & Management

Order Fulfillment Tracking & Management

Integration with ATS & VMS

Secure & Unique Supplier Environment

Universal Timeclock Network

Consolidated Reporting & Invoicing

See what people are saying

One digital experience for all.

Seamlessly integrate people and tech by combining the entire employment process into a single, modern, and intuitive digital experience with our advanced, data-driven approach.

As one of the early adopters of WurkNow, the platform has helped Chartwell identify and solve the most critical staffing issues within our organization. The platform allowed us to optimize the process of managing a high-volume workforce. Workers are able to clock in and out from anywhere and our managers are able to consolidate these timecards to share with our clients for their approval. Their workforce management platform has truly strengthened the relationship we have with our clients and the people we employ.

Patrick McKenney | VP Chartwell Staffing

I understood that in order to achieve the company's growth objectives, there needed to be a solution in place that would centralize information, improve data accuracy, and streamline processes. By leveraging the WurkNow platform, our team is able to focus on expanding current business operations, rather than wasting time and resources on time record retrieval and data cleansing.

Lorenzo Herrera | VP Nitro Logistics

Lorenzo Herrera | Director of West Coast Operations | Nitro Logistics Solutions

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