Gather around the fire children and let us discuss the things that go creep in the night and keep staffing agencies awake. Often, fearful stories of ghosts and monsters become very popular during this time of the year. For staffing agencies, there are fears that continue to haunt them the whole year round.

The Ghosting Temp

It’s the witching hour and you’re deep in sleep. The windows are shut, the doors have been locked, and all the job orders have been filled. All of a sudden, an unusual sound coaxes you out of dreamland. The sweat begins to trickle down your back and you pull the blankets a little higher to wish it away. But, no. You have to face the inevitable and reach over the night stand to grab your mobile phone.

“Hello, the workers didn’t show up. I expect three back-up workers to be here in the next hour.”

Talk about a nightmare, right? This is a common occurrence in the staffing industry, but does it really have to be?

Count Compliance

It’s a deadly tale that has been passed on from agency to agency. Just like any folklore, Count Compliance continued to change and become more powerful throughout the years. As they say in their stories, Count Compliance is awakened by the bloody scent caused by misclassification, employee injuries, and the hair-raising taxes. Oh my! What’s scarier? Unlike folklore, the tales about Count Compliance are true.

To this day, he continues to suck the life out of vulnerable staffing agencies. If only it was easy as wearing a string of garlic bulbs to keep Count Compliance away.

Digital Apocalypse

Staffing employees can smell it from a mile away. It causes more panic than the Y2K scare. They slowly retreat as this unknown creature reaches out. Will this glitch disrupt all operations? Will the robots take over? Now, don’t panic and start building a bunker. It’s not the end of the world, it’s just the start of a digital transformation.

Anything new is scary and that is understandable. However, technological advances are made to assist humans and to help make certain tasks less redundant.

How Can You Protect Your Staffing Agency?

Put down the stakes and hide the garlic, you won’t need those to protect your staffing business from these fears. What is the superpower to battle all staffing fears? Preparation.

Preparing and anticipating these scenarios beforehand will protect you from any consequences if anything should happen. The digital transformation journey that staffing agencies are starting to embark on are filled with technological advances. The rise of automation, conversational systems, cloud-based document management, gps-tracking time clocks, and so much more has allowed many staffing agencies to ready themselves.

Whatever may be lurking in the shadows, face and challenge your fears.

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