WurkNow Announces Series A Funding Round

Next Generation Staffing and Workforce Management Platform Provider Secures $10M to Accelerate Product Development, Growth and Market Presence


The COVID-19 is a new strain of coronavirus which was unknown until an outbreak started in Wuhan, China in December 2019. Now, cases are continuing to rise internationally, including the United States. As of March 10, there have been 647 confirmed and presumptive positive cases in the United States. The WurkNow Supervisor App

As the threat of an epidemic grows, businesses are now taking extra measures to protect their workforce. Just last week, Twitter, LinkedIn, Square, and Lyft asked their employees to work remotely. However, remote work is not applicable or even logical when applied to other industries such as manufacturing, construction, or even securities.


In addition to frequent hand washing, the CDC recommends avoiding close contact. We understand that the latter cannot be avoided if workers from the same shift line up at a clock terminal all at once. With these concerns, how can you make sure that you can still prioritize the safety and health of your on-site workers while making sure production does not suffer?


As part of our robust workforce management portfolio, WurkNow offers an easy and safe solution to decrease the need for close contact in the workforce. The WurkNow Supervisor App is equipped with a group clock in and out feature. This technology allows your on-site supervisors to clock in and out workers directly from his or her mobile phone. This option eliminates the need to bring groups of people together which decreases the chances of close contact with someone displaying symptoms of sickness.

Our cloud-based workforce management software also gives your staffing agency’s on-site managers the opportunity to access workforce data remotely. As with anything, preparation is key. As various industries and businesses continue to plan and prepare for any threat of a virus infecting the workforce, so should you. WurkNow meets this important need for safe, secure, and mobile-friendly workforce management.

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