Rocket Fuel Your Recovery: Workforce Management Resolutions For 2021

At the end of 2020, the whole world raised a glass (or ten) to the year being over. The past year was filled with many highs and lows, from layoffs, social distancing, employee health, and not to mention maintaining business operations during a pandemic. Despite it all, we know that rock bottom is a great place to rebuild and rebirth. Our team, clients, and the staffing industry as a whole did exactly that. During this period, we were able to take a step back and help our clients evaluate their current processes which in turn paved the way for us to improve our next generation staffing & workforce management platform. Our 2020 year in review was filled with much growth and many achievements.

Every year, the staffing and recruiting landscape changes. In 2021, we hope that these changes bring more highs than lows, more opportunities, and more growth. Here are the two most important workforce management resolutions to make any year in the future the best for your organization:

Rocket Fuel Your Recovery

According to a report from the Staffing Industry Analysts, they are continuing to see a “swoosh-shaped” recovery for the staffing industry, with a steady increase in the next few months. As the numbers continue to improve, so will the number of job orders to be filled and workers to be placed. Before the industry knows it, the recovery phase post-pandemic will be accelerated. According to WurkNow’s Andrew Zarkadas, investing in digital transformation will surely aid in an organization’s recovery, but the right technology will help any business scale and navigate through any economic environment. 

Continue the Prioritization of a Digital Employee Experience

In 2020, we saw the rise of a new digital employee experience. Due to the pandemic, the majority of businesses had to switch to social distancing in the workplace as well as utilizing touch-free and mobile digital tools to keep their workers safe and maintain their operational workflow. Just as the last year has proven, the next year will see an acceleration in the digital transformation of the workforce. It is important to keep in mind that although technology plays a major role, the user experience must still be kept at the center of digital transformations.

New technologies will be adapted to complement the user experience, making it more streamlined and compelling from the moment a job order comes in until billing and payroll. Prioritizing a seamless and positive user experience in 2021 enhances attraction and retention not just for employees, but for clients as well.

As much as the new year, the era of a new digital experience for the working world holds much promise. By adopting the right technologies and preparing for the future, 2021 and the years to come could be stronger than ever.

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