WurkNow Product Update Release: October 2020

From a look at the all-new customized onboarding process and pre-application form to new and powerful tools that will prevent last-minute no-shows, get your much-needed dose of what’s new at WurkNow:


1. Job-Specific Customized Onboarding Templates
A seamless onboarding process is a critical part of the employee experience. When done right, it can result in more engaged and motivated workers that will increase productivity and retention. During the past month, we added a powerful tool into our system that allows agency users to customize the onboarding process for specific job orders, giving them the flexibility to make the process as detailed or simple as needed.

2. Customizable Candidate Application Forms
Every job order is unique, so your candidate application form process should be too. This new enhancement from the last release allows agency users to make application forms as detailed or simple as possible with the capabilities to add specific questions that will help them further to find the right candidate for the job.

3. Matching Tool
Keeping candidates engaged and out of the “applicant black hole” is an important part of the recruiting process. How do we continuously re-engage job candidates? By giving agency users the opportunity to send new job opportunity notifications to possible candidates, keeping them involved in the hiring process.

Employee Mobile App

6. Assignment Attendance Notification
Say goodbye to last-minute no-shows! During the latest release, we introduced a powerful tool that automatically sends a notification to a worker’s WurkNow Employee Mobile App to confirm their assignment attendance.

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