WurkNow Product Update Release: December 2020

What's new with Wurknow december 2020

Last year was a rollercoaster to say the least. In 2020, approximately 443 new features were added to the WurkNow system and we loved sharing each and every one of them with you. As we welcome a new year (and new possibilities), we added four great features that will surely bring 2021 to new heights.


1. Workers Compensation Code Management
The management of Workers Compensation Classification Codes can be complicated. It remains an important part of ensuring that staffing agencies can accurately determine their workers’ compensation policies and avoid overpayment for their premiums. We recently added a management area within our Time and Labor Management and Staffing systems for our clients to manage compensation codes, add important code descriptions, and even set up multiple versions of the same code to account for different state variations.

2. SMS Messaging
We understand that keeping clear and constant communications between agencies, clients, and talent is important for business processes to remain efficient and effective. We have made it a point that modes of communication can be made available from the WurkNow system. In addition to being able to initiate a chat or send an email, agency users are now able to send text messages from the Staffing module.

3. Resume Parsing
One of the most labor-intensive parts of the workforce management process is analyzing and properly storing paper-based resumes. This is why we were so excited to launch our Resume Parsing tool. This tool automates the process of scanning resumes, analyzing the data, and storing them within the WurkNow system.

4. New Kendo UI For Recruitments Page
Empowering our clients with a clean and beautiful interface is one of our most important missions. In addition to hide/show data, immediately filter results, and export data, agency users now have the ability to retrieve the information they need, whenever they need to build custom reports.

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