Investing in technology that changes the candidate experience for hourly workers

Seems crazy to think that in just a decade plus mobile apps have gone from a novelty in this thing called the App Store to running our lives. There are nearly 5 million apps between the Apple and Google stores today. Americans check their phones an astonishing 344 times a day! 47% of us consider ourselves addicted to our phones. 

So here we are in 2022, with an app for almost everything you can imagine. So many apps in fact that it’s led to the rise of super-app, platforms that do what a bunch of different apps do but all in one place. This is especially useful when it comes to business apps. Working generally means doing many things at once. Finding work does too.

Hourly workers, who comprise over 40% of the US workforce, are a bit of a different breed today. They are increasingly shedding the traditional full-time, one-employer mindset for more of a gig schedule. They place a lot of value on flexibility and are often happy to work at three or four different places in a week, picking up shifts here or there to pay a bill or put a little extra money in their pocket when they need it. 

They need the right tools to do this though. It’s why companies and staffing agencies for whom hourly workers are their biggest resource are now investing in multi-purpose apps that provide a game-changing candidate experience. Apps like WurkNow that allows workers to search jobs by preference; select locations on easy-to-use radius maps; auto-match to job types and shifts; instantly book and confirm shifts; and get paid, go a long way toward attracting and retaining more top talent. 

No one app or platform will be a magic button for companies and agencies that makes all hiring challenges, for all different types of workers, disappear. It’s about finding the right group of tools that can solve problems for large groups of workers. You do that and you build loyalty and brand power, not to mention reduce the costs of turnover and training. 

WurkNow delivers a single, modern, intuitive digital experience for the hourly worker because it’s what they want. They’re used to the convenience of apps making things in their life easier and faster. Business, banking, shopping, entertainment, education, news, fitness, music, travel: apps are at our fingertips for anything we want to do. Provide value in people’s lives and they’ll stick around. Giving motivated, experienced workers pre-matched to your needs a straight route to your door is pretty high-value. For everyone – workers, employers, and staffing agencies. 

For more insight into how WurkNow changes the candidate experience and helps fill open shifts faster, check out our infographic.

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