4 New WurkNow Features You Don’t Want To Miss Out On

One feature to keep an eye on is Candidate Assessments. We are constantly improving the staffing experience for our clients and we received a lot of feedback from those enhancements. In response, we’ve added new features that make it easier for agencies to manage candidate assessment details.

Candidate Assessments

Candidate assessments are an integral part of the hiring process because it indicates how closely a job candidate truly matches with job order requirements. This new feature will make it easier to add and attach assessment details and scores to a candidate or employee record.

Order & Assignment Requirements

Keeping clients happy is a big task, but with WurkNow it gets easier. We’ve added specific features during this release that allows users to add specific order and assignment requirements. When requirements such as a certain skill or a background check availability are assigned to specific job order, it identifies job candidates who do not meet these criteria, making the job matching process more accurate.

Order-Specific Match Criteria

Every job order is different which makes each hiring process unique. Users may now use additional filters such as education, background check availability, and skills for specific orders to ensure that matched candidates meet the exact requirements.

Pay Categories: Override Multiplier

The Override Multiplier allows you to set specific multipliers to a pay category’s sublevel of Regular, Overtime, and Doube Time versus the traditional 1, 1.5, and 2. This new feature allows the flexibility to set multipliers no matter how different your sublevel pay categories are.

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