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Mohammed Firdouse

“The industry is constantly plagued by repetitive and time-consuming tasks that workers struggle with on a daily basis. Automation eases those burdens.”

Mohammed Firdouse joined WurkNow as our Director of Software Development in June 2020. Aside from more than 20 years of experience in software technology, Firdouse (as we all call him), is a leader in managing technical teams and developing quality tech tools. In this edition of #FeatureFriday, he talks about the rising trend of automation in workforce management tools and how staffing owners can leverage these technologies.

Hi, Firdouse! Can you share what your role is at WurkNow and how your experience in software technology influences your job?

Throughout my career, my priority has always been to produce quality software solutions that are built with cutting edge technologies yet still functional for clients and end-users. I joined the WurkNow team towards the end of June this 2020 as Director of Software Development. My main responsibility is to lead our global team of developers and QA analysts. Currently, we have teams in India, Croatia, and North America. My goal is to ensure that all our products and enhancements modernize work processes and prioritize ease of use.

What’s your advice for staffing owners facing technological disruptions in the workplace?

As a staffing owner whose main goal is to increase productivity and lower labor costs, it’s easy to fall into the rabbit hole of tech tools and completely lose sight of the big picture. In previous years, workforce technology was much more simple and the frequency of change was easier to keep up with. Nowadays, technology has a solution for everything and the level of functionality is a little bit more complex. From my experience, these are the best ways organizations can make better choices in selecting tools for their workforce:

1. Your purpose must be clear. It is important to define the main critical issues in your processes and determine which kind of software solution will solve the problem. Nowadays, organizations dive into an abundance of technology solutions, often deploying singular solutions that only focus on one particular part of a wide process. Yes, your tech tools may modernize one aspect, but you need to keep the entire process in mind. Integration and APIs connecting different technologies are weak links.

2. Evaluate the experience through the worker’s eyes. First and foremost, the tools you adopt must deliver the best experience for your workers. The usual criteria for technology tools are always cost and usability, but the worker journey is critical.

Automation seems to be the trend in staffing nowadays. Why is automation an important part of a staffing agency’s success?

Automation has been the latest trend for HR technology for a reason. The industry is constantly plagued by repetitive and time-consuming tasks that workers struggle with on a daily basis. Automation eases those burdens. Some examples of end-to-end solutions that automation can bring:

1. The main branch of staffing that automation can help is recruiting. By automating the candidate selection process, recruiters are able to select workers without bias in the least amount of time.

2. Second, automation aids in extracting data and generating complex and repetitive reports that usually takes the majority of an employee’s time.

What’s in store for WurkNow’s technology ecosystem this 2020?

It’s been a year of immense growth for WurkNow. We have new team members and our technology ecosystem is expanding. We are constantly collaborating with our clients and as a result, we have a number of enhancements for our existing modules that are about to roll out in the coming weeks. Our Payroll component as well is set to be completed anytime this year. Our ecosystem, although they may be expanding and updating with the latest technology in mind, it still remains functional and easy to use for our clients.

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