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Dear WurkNow Team,

Our world is facing a lot of uncertainties today and everyone in our office is already feeling the changes the current situation brings. Immediately after the stay-at-home orders went into effect, upper management moved everyone to work remotely. I understand that the employees’ health and safety are a priority, but the daily processes are so hard to accomplish from home. For example, one of my tasks is ensuring that everyone’s timesheets are ready for payroll but now I have no idea how their exact hours can be calculated. To be honest, our team wasn’t ready for the quick shift to working from home and it’s starting to show. What can we do?

Stay At Home Manager

Dear Stay At Home Manager,

Yikes! Before anything else, you are not alone. This pandemic has changed how every person and business functions and it will continue to do so. However, it is important to understand that these changes are happening because it is essential to keep everyone safe and to slow the spread of the virus. Moreover, technology nowadays has made it possible for many organizations to conduct business as usual wherever they may be. Like yours, our team is also currently working from home. Thanks to modern technology, we are still able to communicate with clients and the staffing community effectively. Here are the different tried and tested ways technology can help your team during these times:

1. Mobile-friendly technology

Social distancing has become a must for society to function. At all times, people must stay 6 feet away from each other. As a result, employees can no longer report to a physical workspace due to the hazard a confined space brings. Employees are now recruiting, monitoring the workforce, editing timecards, processing payroll, and communicating with on-site workers all from the comfort of their own home. However, if a team is still utilizing outdated technology (hello analog clocks!), they may be facing more difficult times.

Right now, it’s good to reflect on the services your business is using to operate daily. A good workforce management system is flexible. Whether your team is working from home or at the office, it should be able to adapt fluidly. A good place to start is switching to a cloud-based management system wherein data that you may need like timesheets or employment authorization forms can be accessed anytime, anywhere. This will give your team the ability to access pertinent data remotely and complete their tasks for the day.

2. Geolocation and geofencing

As you’ve mentioned, it’s more difficult now to calculate your team’s work hours. You’re not alone. Many businesses that have relied on manual processes to clock in or out for the day are now relying on sheer faith that their workers are giving the right clock in and out time. Not only is the manual process open for human error, but it can also incur large and unnecessary costs for your company.

A great way to address this is by implementing WurkNow’s mobile clock with geolocation or geofencing capabilities. Using a mobile time clock allows employees to clock in and out just by using their mobile phones. Adding geo-tracking technology further ensures that workers are inputting their data in authorized work areas like their home.

3. Automated compliance alerts

Being away from your desk and other team members means communication is more important than ever. Especially if it means staying compliant and avoiding possible liabilities. Receiving information should be as quick and easy as possible. Employing technology that takes preemptive measures to avoid payroll disputes and liabilities is a great example. Being able to set automated alerts to avoid break violations or overtime will save you a lot of worry and costs in the long run.

Although this time may cause a lot of uncertainties for your company, it is also the perfect time to reevaluate your strengths and weaknesses. It is never too late to identify areas for improvement. Always remember that when stumbling blocks arise, do what you must to get around it. There are many technologies available in the market today that can make your work from experience a little more comfortable.

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