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Dear WurkNow Team,

My business is growing and so are the employees I need, but my employees can’t seem to keep up! I need something to help make the process easier for all of us. I’ve seen many of my competitors invest in a lot of new workforce technology, and I’m more than open to introduce these methods to my team. However, I feel like my team isn’t ready for a big change. I’m afraid they will reject the new technology and I will lose employees AND money. What should I do?

Scared Staffing Owner

Dear Scared Staffing Owner,

Hide the workers! Hide the temps! The robots are taking over! Is that what you envision when introducing new technology to your current employees? Honestly, it’s not as bad as it seems. One of the things you have to remember, as well as your team, is to BREATHE. Your staffing agency is not the first to adopt new and innovative technology into their processes and you surely won’t be the last. In this day and age of artificial intelligence and machine learning, it is more unnerving to be stuck in the old ways rather than taking the chance on new technology that can help your agency keep up with demand. Now that we have all taken a little time to breathe, how can we encourage your team to be accepting as well? How do we keep them future-proof?

There are many advantages to keeping your employees and business secure no matter what the future brings, but here are a few points to consider when adding new technology into your workplace:

It’s flexible. As your employees demand more flexibility, the technology must adapt to that as well. Smartphones are a great example of how flexible technology can be. Smartphones as well receive constant updates to make sure they stay relevant and prolong being obsolete. You must always reiterate the benefits of new technology to your employees, and there is nothing better to highlight than flexibility. Most workforce management softwares like the WurkNow modules are now mobile-friendly which allows employees access to data from onboarding to payroll anytime and anywhere. Our modules specifically prioritize the mobile-centric application process, client relationship management, intelligent matching, and provides accurate timekeeping data for an accurate and trustworthy payroll process.

It protects your data and information. Typically, the IRS requires businesses to keep tax records from the past 7 years. If your staffing agency has not transitioned into digital timekeeping, you are probably holding on to 7 years worth of payroll and employee documents. Did you know that some agencies dedicate a whole room to store timesheets, payslips, and i-9s? To be honest, this method is one water damage away from disaster. New technology such as document management systems and distributed digital ledgers ensures that the vital and confidential information your business wants to keep remains safe and secure.

It streamlines operations. If there is a mantra that we must always repeat, it would be “the robots are not coming.” Well, they might come eventually but they mean no harm. Technology evolves constantly to assist humans with completing necessary tasks. They will not take over your job, but rather they are made to eliminate tasks that are repetitive in order for processes to be done more quickly and efficiently.

On the surface, the benefits outweigh the risks. The challenges arise when the human element of your business refuses to work alongside new technology. How can you make the transition easier for your employees? How can you empower them to get through their struggles with a new system?

Involve them. Workforce technology serves to address issues in processes, and no one knows these processes more than your employees. Involving your team in the decision-making process to invest in new technology not only improves job commitment, it also improves morale and productivity.

Have a champion. It’s wise to have a few pioneer team members to try out new technology before everyone else. This group can serve as your technology advocates as well as an extension of training and support for other team members. The more members there are that can be early adopters, the easier it will be for company-wide acceptance.

Focus on the benefits. New technology reaps many benefits and although the initial stages of learning to navigate around this technology is difficult, the benefits will eventually outshine any issues.

Provide continuous learning. Training for new technology is not a one-and-done deal. Ensure that your workforce solution provider breaks down training in stages such as pre-training, hands-on approach, ongoing support, and available training resources. From dedicated technical support managers, training buddies, and many opportunities for hands-on training, there are countless ways to champion continuous learning for your team.

Getting employees to fall in love with new technology does not happen overnight. There is no single strategy that fits every company and department. However, focusing on the benefits and open communication goes a long way. There will be many bumps in the road, but eventually you and your team will see the benefits of adapting to new technology. Just remember, as a staffing owner you must understand that the challenges mainly lie in their fear that if they do not understand the technology, it could cost them their job. They must be allowed to feel their value. In our opinion, take the risk because the benefits strongly outweigh it. Good luck on your digital journey!

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