WurkNow TM

WurkNow is changing the way the blue-collar industry works.

WurkNow helps agencies and employees manage their work, assist in job placement, and get paid all through a mobile experience. We empower the industry by creating a safer, more secure platform that builds trust and transparency. We are simplifying a once complicated process by making it more efficient and reliable. With artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, WurkNow can analyze behavior patterns and manage compliance. Our team of dedicated experts from the staffing and technology industries are helping to improve the experience of the blue-collar workforce.

Our Purpose

We exist to promote trust and transparency so that people and organizations can thrive collectively.

Our Vision

We envision a world where every blue-collar employee and employer coexist in mutual trust and confidence.

Our Mission

Our mission is to generate credible data and trust through technology that enhances the blue-collar workforce experience.

Why us?

WurkNow is in the business of making a difference. We blended over 60 years of staffing, software and compliance experience to design the new standard for the blue-collar workforce.

  • All-in-one

    We are a platform that improves hiring, placement, and workforce management.

  • Trust and Transparency

    We are creating trust and transparency in the blue-collar industry.

  • Better Process

    We are making the process clearer, more balanced and more collaborative.

  • Secure

    We are ensuring that agencies and employees have the most secure solution.

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