WurkNow Announces Series A Funding Round

Next Generation Staffing and Workforce Management Platform Provider Secures $10M to Accelerate Product Development, Growth and Market Presence


As business starts to reopen and job orders begin to pile up, staffing agencies have found it increasingly difficult to fill them. Specifically, businesses from the manufacturing sector have said that qualified workers would rather collect unemployment. However, the additional benefit was only intended to be temporary and will be expiring on July 31st. Despite having an impending deadline, the impact of the additional benefit cannot be denied.

While this might paint a daunting picture, staffing agencies and business owners can focus on intangible benefits to inspire workers to want to work and focus less on the paycheck.

Focusing on Non-Monetary Benefits

To start off, if a paycheck is the only thing your business is offering individuals, it can quickly become indispensable. Either existing employees can find work that pays more, or settle for an alluring amount of unemployment money by not working at all. The good news is that most job candidates do take non-monetary benefits into consideration in their employment. According to Harvard Business Review, the top predictor for workplace satisfaction is not pay. Rather, employees evaluate the company culture and work environment the most. They find that ongoing good work experience is necessary.

During the ongoing pandemic, many businesses have had to readjust the employee experience with some having to work from home and some remaining in the front lines. Whether they work from home or go into a physical office every day, providing workers with safe and productive work experience should not be ignored. In this article, we will cover three qualities that will make your organization’s work environment desirable – Functionality, Mobility, and Inclusion.


Both agency employees and the contingent workforce require technology that promotes efficiency. According to a 2019 report, 41% of agency staff and contingent workers are burdened by repetitive tasks every day. Due to the already labor-intensive nature of their work, agencies shouldn’t expect contingent workers to endure a steep learning curve or adapt to a complicated digital process.

Providing tools and resources that allow employees to accomplish tasks quickly and efficiently is valuable to their work experience, starting from filling out job applications to onboarding. It’s important to note that the newer generation of workers is looking for work that integrates mobile technology into their workflow, such as WurkNow’s mobile employee app. Providing outdated tools makes it harder for workers to fulfill the requirements of their role, resulting in a lackluster performance.


The contingent workforce, especially those who are in the manufacturing, construction, and retail industries are always on the go. Traditional desktop software sadly hasn’t been made with these workers in mind. Do you give your workers the opportunity to check-in and out safely from their mobile devices, or do you require them to use a physical time clock that leads to long wait times and exposure to a larger group of people? Mobility and being able to perform certain tasks wherever they may be is becoming increasingly important to workers – the younger generation in particular.

Along the same lines, do you give your staffing managers the ability to communicate with workers to make them feel at ease during their first day of work? If you don’t want workers to back out at the last minute due to unclear instructions, give your managers the flexibility to communicate with them safely and securely within the mobile app. Using WurkNow’s in-app communication capabilities, staffing agencies can remind workers of upcoming shifts, safety protocols to take and receive notifications for open jobs.


Another important aspect of retaining employees is good communication. Are employees having difficulties working with the technology tools the client has provided? Although technology is built to ease the burden of manual processes, there will undoubtedly be a learning curve in operating them. In these instances, employers need to provide the necessary resources for workers to ask questions, give feedback, and be successful. Effective communication is important to keep employees happy, and also included.

As much as employers need to be able to communicate with employees, it goes both ways as well. Workers must also be able to readily give feedback from their work experience. This ensures that all their needs are being met as well.

Little things can lead to bigger rewards

To put your business in a desirable position, we must all look closely and identify the things that truly matter to workers. This will separate your organization from those that are merely providers of paychecks. Having access to tools that champion communication and collaboration like WurkNow ensures that clients, agencies, and workers have good work experience consistently and collectively. By identifying these unique sets of benefits, you are undoubtedly giving them something more valuable than cash.

WurkNow Inc. is a mobile-centric technology platform that modernizes the temporary staffing and workforce management industry. By tapping into the power of technology like artificial intelligence and blockchain, WurkNow has developed an ecosystem that helps employees and agencies collaboratively manage their experience from onboarding and placement to compliance and workforce management, all in one place. For more information, please visit WurkNow or call us directly at 866-987-5669.