WurkNow Announces Series A Funding Round

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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused widespread unemployment claims nationwide due to stay-at-home mandates and businesses shortening hours or closing their doors. Recently, an all-time high of 6.6 million unemployment claims were recorded with experts believing that it will continue to climb. Despite this, essential businesses are continuing to keep their doors open and are mass hiring to keep up with the demand. Companies such as CVS have just announced their need for 50,000 workers, Albertsons needs 30,000 new employees, while home improvement company Lowe’s is looking to fill 30,000 roles.

While mass hiring is certainly a growth opportunity for businesses during this time, it can also present organizational difficulties for managers. Despite hiring and onboarding in bulk, staffing firms must still ensure that the process remains efficient and not susceptible to error. Here are 3 onboarding best practices which could make mass onboarding simpler, compliant, and hassle-free:

Utilize Technology To Automate

If your staffing firm is planning to hire and onboard anywhere from 1,000 to 30,000 employees, the biggest roadblock for you would be manual processes. Any process that is lengthy and open to human error will prove to be more costly in the long run. Technology is being continuously built to assist humans and automate redundant processes.

A great example of how technology has helped elevate the process is paperless onboarding. For businesses, having new hires review and sign multiple employment forms takes up most of the time during onboarding. By using mobile-friendly paperless forms, new hires can complete them remotely at any time that is convenient for them. This also helps employers stay in compliance with worker classification and authorization, ensuring that digital copies of a worker’s W2, 1099, or I-9 are kept secure.

Virtual Onboarding

Another important component of onboarding is new hire orientation. During this part of the onboarding process, new employees are familiarized with the on-site facilities, current company processes, and existing members of the team. When companies are onboarding in bulk, they may set aside a day or two for everyone to get together and be onboarded as a group. However, if you are currently practicing social distancing guidelines, having multiple people in contact with each other is not the most ideal scenario.

This is where the importance of virtual onboarding can take place. Moving the onboarding process online involves providing the following:

  • Welcome package which includes important employee documents
  • Introduction videos to introduce key people and areas on-site
  • Instructional videos to review tools and systems

Engage Often

Constant communication is an important ingredient to a fulfilling employee journey, from being a prospect candidate to becoming a long term team member. Communicating with multiple new temp hires is not unusual for staffing firms. Now more than ever, communication lines between staffing firms and temps need to be constant, consistent, and clear. Mobile communication technology has allowed safe and secure in-app communication between employers and employees within a workforce management app. This ensures that all communication is encrypted and secure.

The Benefits of Great Onboarding

The COVID-19 pandemic crisis has not only changed how people work, but how they onboard new hires as well. Almost overnight, companies have had to recruit, hire, onboard remotely, and still stay in compliance with existing labor laws. Despite the drastic change in processes, we must all keep in mind the importance of being efficient and meticulous during the onboarding process. We must keep the future in mind and ensure that nothing is forgotten that puts your business at risk for liability.

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