Is your staffing agency looking to attract and retain job candidates but you need a reliable and efficient system to keep up with the demand? The demand for temporary workers is at an all-time high and it’s not slowing down. Recruiting technology in today’s age is plentiful and Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) have become increasingly popular in the recruiting world. The truth is, ATS technology was not designed with the hourly candidate in mind. A whopping 90% of hourly candidates do not have a resume, so why adapt to an application that requires one? There are flaws to the system that may hurt temporary staffing agencies more than it helps.

Here are some of the key characteristics of good recruiting technology and how it helps attract and retain job candidates for temporary staffing agencies:


Currently, more and more organizations are thinking employee-first and this starts with ensuring a positive candidate experience for all applicants. For this reason, the team at WurkNow always keeps in mind that the recruiting process should be efficient for the agency but also its potential candidates.

Temporary workers are always on the go, often applying during the limited time they have in between work assignments. The key is to not overcomplicate the system and have candidates log in to a system and answer lengthy repetitive questions. Good recruitment technology is a short and straightforward process. The shorter your application is, the more user-friendly it is. This is where WurkNow’s staffing module comes into play. Once a job candidate enters their information into the WurkNow system, they never need to do it again. 


Convenience is becoming a leader in today’s society with people relying more on their mobile phones to communicate and yes, apply for work. Temporary workers are no exception. They carry their mobile phones with them as much as their safety gear. However, when using a traditional ATS, email and phone calls are the method of choice. So, why not use communication tools your candidate will most likely use? Learn how WurkNow’s mobile-centric platform can attract more candidates to your agency. 

For many temporary workers, the in-between starting and ending a job assignment is as crucial as having food at the table or not. They are applying to many jobs at once and most likely, the candidate will go to the first job to communicate that they are being considered. A good recruiting technology starts the engagement strategy as soon as candidates have applied, making potential candidates feel their time is respected.


Technology allows the recruitment process to move faster but that does not mean creating shortcuts that may give unreliable results. Hiring an under-skilled worker is one step closer to an injury at work resulting in penalties and fines. How, then, can agencies ensure they are getting quality candidates that are right for the job?

For example, an ATS sources through candidates using keyword technology. This technique makes it easy for an applicant to manipulate the system merely by using words, or a lack thereof. The system sets limits on keywords, formats, and the number of characters used as a way to set traps for qualified candidates to fall in. Recruiting technology should be able to properly screen and evaluate candidates, matching jobs intelligently to a worker’s skillset with validated credentials.


Let’s be honest, the recruitment and hiring process for temporary workers is not only a lengthy and tedious task for agencies but for candidates as well. For this reason, it’s essential to keep candidates and employees in mind when adopting new technology. Empowering and uplifting a potential candidate is not only beneficial to their morale but for the agency’s reputation as well.

Recruiting technology should empower candidates by encouraging them to embrace new technology, not leaving them in the dark, and ensuring that their applications go through an evaluation process that is determined by their skillset and not by limitations set by a system.

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