How Staffing Agencies Can Build a Recruiting Center of Excellence for Employers

WurkNow Team
WurkNow Team
December 20, 2022
Staffing Center of Excellence

As a holiday gift for your clients, imagine being able to fill their bench in a way that differentiates your agency over others and helps build a recruiting center of excellence for employers.

And imagine that you could do the Wurk without doing the Work.

How so you ask? With Staffing Supplier Management from WurkNow.

What Is Staffing Supplier Management?

Staffing Supplier Management (SSM) is a plugin for staffing agencies that drops into your tech stack already built out. Now you can add and delete partner agencies with a click of a button, enabling you to serve your clients better.

Managing other staffing agencies in one portal creates transparency for who is working on what and where. You will also know who has accepted an assignment and who is being deployed. You just need to login, and you’ll know what’s going on across all your staffing operations in seconds.

Staffing Agency ROI

The best part: in today’s economic environment, everything requires an evaluation of return on investment (ROI). (Psst: your CFO is going to love this…) Consolidating all information pertinent to running the day-to-day of temporary staffing in a SSM system leads to fast decision making.

Additionally, less people are needed to fill orders, run payroll, and bill clients when using SSM. This keeps your admin staff count and payroll down, or you can reassign them to business development or customer experience and support. SSM also helps accelerate your accounts receivable and cash flow.

Universal Time Clocks

SSM also includes timekeeping software, a mobile app, and biometric time clocks – whatever combination your clients need.

Instead of your clients having to deal with time clock insanity, SSM’s universal time clock ensures all employees and temps clock in and out on one, universal time clock to replace those supplied by other staffing agencies. As a result, SSM’s universal time clock helps ensure your clients are compliant with all labor laws and internal policies, and are alerted to potential issues (e.g. not taking enough breaks, buddy punching, etc.).

SSM’s also streamlines reporting so it only takes minutes to produce reports vs. spending hours or days to manually assemble them, which is also prone to error.

Staffing agencies using WurkNow SSM describe it as a gamechanger. To quote a holiday candy commercial, “It does exist.”

Job Order Management

With SSM’s job order management capability, it’s never been easier for your clients to submit work orders to you and for you to broadcast them to partner agencies. Additionally, you can track work orders and view your performance without bias – so your team members don’t float orders to the partner agency that just sent them donuts. If they want to give you a gift, make it high fill rates with great candidates – that’s a gift that keeps on giving!

See for Yourself

According to WurkNow CEO, Sammy Singh, “We built Staffing Supplier Management to fill a gap in the marketplace. No more going upstream when you really need a cost-effective solution for managing staffing agency operations. That stated, we built our platform to work with employer VMS systems as well.”

Our best advice is to look back to 2022 by looking forward to 2023 and let WurkNow do the heavy wurk… err, work. You know what we mean.

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