#AskWurkNow – Why Should I Invest In Staffing Technology? Why Now?

WurkNow Team
WurkNow Team
August 12, 2021

As our community grows, so does the need to heighten each other’s knowledge about the staffing and technology industry. The WurkNow team has a combined 60 years of expertise in staffing and technology and we are here to help YOU! In this week’s Ask WurkNow, our VP of Sales Andy Zarkadas talks about the benefits of investing in staffing technology despite the uncertain times. If you have any questions for us, remember to post in on social media, tag us, and use the hashtag #AskWurkNow!

Dear WurkNow,

My clients and workers are demanding more digital and touch-free options, which is causing us to step back and evaluate our current processes and tools. I know investing in technology has its benefits in the long run, but due to the economic uncertainty that the COVID-19 pandemic has created, my budget is tight. I’m interested in learning more about how your customers are navigating the current environment – particularly their views on technology investment during this period.

Cautious in California

Dear Cautious in California,
First, I want to assure you that we understand your sentiments and concerns. While the pandemic has caused turbulent times for all of us, our customers are taking this time to step back, evaluate their business operations, and prepare themselves for the future post-COVID and well beyond. As we have seen with previous economic recessions, the bounce-back has always included an increase in demand for hourly employees – a trend that we are already seeing as economies reopen around the world.

We know that investing during this period seems like a scary proposition and it can be. However, history is on our side. Periods of economic uncertainty have almost, if not always, produced better ideas, better processes, and ultimately better businesses. Why?

  1. It forces you to think about how you can prepare for the return
  2. It makes you bulletproof to whatever happens next

Here are a few reasons why it’s the right time to be thinking about it and why investing during this period can pay huge dividends for your business:

1. Investing in digital transformation is setting a foundation for the long term future.

Investing in digital transformation is especially important when evaluating how you communicate and manage the relationships with your most precious assets – your candidates and clients. The most successful staffing firms are investing in technology that allows them to place their best talent with their valued clients with speed, efficiency, and transparency.

WurkNow’s mobile-first strategy is a good example of this. Our mobile apps allow agencies to communicate and manage candidates, placements, jobs, timekeeping, compliance and safety, and even payroll through a single experience.

2. To have the best people working for you, it’s important to arm them with the best tools possible.

Your traditional hands-on processes might be getting the job done today, but your staff of recruiters, salespeople, and relationship managers are always going to be the ones who make the magic happen. Our customers who are investing in WurkNow today are focused on maximizing their employees’ potential and productivity, through easy to use, intuitive technology. Many of our customers are preparing themselves for the future. How?

1. Attracting talented staffing professionals by offering them a world-class technology experience.
2. Alleviating the everyday administrative burdens workers have become accustomed to in the industry and empowering them to focus on perfecting their craft.

3. The right technology should be scalable to address the complexities of your business – in any economy.

Let’s face it. We are always thinking about our customers’ journey and how we can make it better as the relationship evolves. Providing great people and service is always top of mind. But as the relationship evolves, your ability to provide both at the highest level is always a product of how well you can scale to meet their demands.

Our customers have invested in the WurkNow platform because we provide them with a single technology that scales to any client, of any size and profile. This allows them to lay a foundation that is sustainable and familiar to their clients over the journey and can be tuned to meet the client’s demand in any economic environment.

I hope that helps bring some clarity to you in a very uncertain time. We built WurkNow for these very types of situations and are deeply passionate about empowering our customers to have the confidence to adapt and navigate their businesses through any environment. What is certain is that we will prevail past this time of uncertainty and those who are prepared for what’s to come will make the most meaningful impact on helping the world get back to work. We look forward to taking that journey with you.

Andy Z

Andy Zarkadas joined WurkNow as the Senior VP of Sales last June. If you’d like to talk to Andy and learn more about our all-in-one workforce management platform, you may fill up this form or contact Sales directly at 951-531-9090

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