Staffing Module

WurkNow makes it easier than ever to find the right candidates for the job, expedite the hiring process, and make sure you have the resources and the team you need to fill open jobs. We jump the hurdles for you by verifying and matching you with candidates and completing background checks and e-verification. Select your candidates and we take care of the rest.

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For employers

  • Quick Recruiting & Onboarding

    WurkNow’s bilingual mobile-centric application process allows for a major reduction in recruitment costs.

  • Client Management

    Client relationship management with built-in markup and billing tools.

  • Job Orders and Intelligent Matching

    Instantly match job orders to candidate’s skill sets and experience.

  • Workforce Management

    One centralized database to transition into human resources and time and labor management.

  • Communication

    Real-time secure communication with the employee to the agency via mobile app.

Human Resource Module

We record everything from drug testing, certificates, background checks, injuries, legal information, benefits to performance reviews and terminations.

  • Compliance

    We ensure a reduction in cost and litigation exposure.

  • Manage Employees

    All data and documentation in one place.

  • Manage Roles

    Manage employees access to confidential and relevant information.

  • Manage Documents

    Profile driven centralized document management system.

Time & Labor Management Module

Easily monitor and manage schedules and assignments. Receive accurate time card data to pay and bill correctly. Approve time cards in collaboration with your clients for a more automated process.

  • Built with Blue-Collar Staffing in Mind

    We understand the unique needs of the staffing industry.

  • Consolidated Time Cards

    Enable employees to be paid correctly when working with several different clients during the same pay period.

  • Automated Alerts

    Achieve labor laws compliance by setting automatic alerts to avoid hefty fines.

  • Flexible Employee Mobile App

    Set rules and parameters to manage employees’ shifts, schedules, breaks, time off, and more.

Compliance Module
Compliance, regulations, and financials are an integral part of the Blue-Collar Industry. It’s important that this information is timely, secure, relevant, reliable, and transparent, but this is not, unfortunately, often the case. Often compliance can stir up controversy and disputes around the integrity of the information as well as financial reporting. This is where Blockchain technology comes in. Blockchain ensures that data written to the Blockchain ledger cannot be changed by any party for any reason. It’s permanent, making it a single source of truth for all parties involved.
  • Accurate Recordkeeping

    Onboarding documents that are validated by employer and employee for recordkeeping and compliance.

  • Irreversible Records

    Labor violations can be recorded to the blockchain ledger.

  • Ease of Communication

    Automating communications for more accurate documentation.

  • Building Trust and Transparency

    Implementing blockchain builds trust and provides transparency as records cannot be altered.

  • Reducing Risks

    Ultimately reducing liability and disputes.

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