After more than 20 years in the staffing business, I know that first impressions can make a lasting impact. This not only applies to keeping clients happy but more so making sure an employee’s first day is seamless from onboarding to training. Following these tips will ensure that the transition is smooth and successful when onboarding candidates:

Prioritize the culture of compliance

Every organization relies heavily on its compliance training. With such a long checklist, forms to sign, training to do, and different client regulations to meet, it’s understandable how this part of onboarding can be daunting. Although intimidating, understanding and following compliance regulations is beneficial for the agency, client, and employee.

By prioritizing compliance, it lessens the chances of safety hazards, fraud, abuse, and other instances that disrupt operations and put the organization at risk. Furthermore, keeping legal compliance documents such as the I-9 and W-4 in an online portal provides easy access for all parties involved and also keep this information secure.

Understand the client’s orientation process

Although federal laws and may stay the same, each client has a different set of rules and regulations that employees should follow and it’s the staffing agency’s job to make sure all new temp hires go through an effective orientation process.

Be in constant communication with both the clients and employees to make sure that new hires receive timely on the job training that also complies with the latest rules and regulations.

Keep communication lines open

During the onboarding process, connecting with your new hire is the most important. A lack of communication can result in confusion and costly problems because they simply did not receive the right information in a timely manner.

Therefore, it is extremely important and also encouraging to check in with your temps regularly. Not only will this make them feel supported and comfortable, but they will also thrive and be productive in the process.

The little things matter

Who do they look for? Where do they park? Are they required to bring safety equipment with them? New job assignments, most especially last-minute ones can be overwhelming for new hires. Getting ahead of yourself and providing them with this information reduces the risk of being overwhelmed and not showing up for the job itself.

In addition, do not forget to introduce new hires to full-time employees. Often, the presence of temporary employees threatens others in the organization if they do not understand that their assignment is just temporary.

Technology alone is not the solution

Technology might have elevated staffing processes such as onboarding candidates, however to this day, human interaction still remains as the heart of the business. Always remember that no matter how automated the process may be, technology only makes it easier in order for agencies, clients, and employees to communicate and help each other more.


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